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10 Fantastic Ways To Wear Khaki Pants


One look at the light shade of khakis and you’ll instantly think of it purely as a casual garment. If you do, then you are looking at khaki pants the wrong way. Sure, you might think of those rich golfers in the country club in their line-pressed polo shirts with a cabbie or two towing them. Or maybe even the house moms who drive their minivans to and from the school of their kids.

The point is, khaki pants is not a one-dimensional garment. It’s not only for mothers and golfers. With the right accessories and pieces to incorporate on your outfit, you’ll be surprised to know that you can wear khakis anytime and in any events.

Here are 12 fantastic ways to wear khaki pants.

All-Out Earthy Khaki

Yes, khakis come in different shades and hues but all of them are earthy in color. You don’t necessarily have to stick with brown here, mind you. You can pick any color so long as it’s in an earthy tone. Take Taylor Swift below, that loose purplish shirt and dark khakis outfit, accessorized with two-toned oxford shoes and a vintage-y messenger bag is a casual look that gives off this rustic feel of it.

khaki pants and loose shirt

Khaki with a Pop of Color

Since khaki is basically a neutral color, it’s safe to say that a little pop of color on your outfit will either dress the khaki pants down or up. It really depends on your accessories and the bright piece that you’ll wear. You can go for a plain bright top and accessorize it with bold prints such as leopard print like the one below. Cuff the hem of your pants for a complete casual day look. Or You could go for something glossy like a neon pink halter top that will transition greatly as a day to night outfit.


Khaki on the Dark Side

It is not entirely imperative to have at least one dark piece in your khaki outfit but it is greatly recommended. Khakis in lighter shades, particularly, need a pair or accessories that are dark to give the outfit a more defining point. Any dark-colored top will do greatly. Otherwise, stick to a darker shade of khaki which is proven to be more versatile than its lighter companion.

khaki pants dark navy top

With a utility jacket

I love the raggedy chic look that utility clothes give to khaki pants. It’s all loose and slouchy and super perfect for the summer. For this, you could even go for a khaki boyfriend trousers cinched at the waist with a belt and rolled up on the hem. The girl below looks splendid and that sleek ankle boots stood out among all the looseness.

khaki pants military jacket

Khaki and a Classic Black Blazer

A classic black blazer is a wonderful contrast to the casualness of khaki pants. This, of course, will also depend on the silhouette of the pants. I would personally veer off the skinny jeans because while it will definitely look good, a touch of looseness on the bottom half of your outfit will make you look even better. Opt for a straight cut pants or a wide-legged khakis, instead.

khaki pants and blazer bright bag

Khaki and Denim

This combination is unarguably casual outfit. And it will be an absolutely great attire for a day around town or with friends. I’d recommend to have at least one of your accessories in a structured or sleek form. For instance, the hand bag below gives the entire outfit a certain level of balance.

khaki pants and denim shirt

Khaki On Khaki

You have two options to achieve this look: If you’re opting for dark shades of khaki, wear them on different hues or color but are both dark shades of khaki, nonetheless. If you’re opting for a light shade of khaki, like tumbleweed, then keep it to one color and matching. There is a certain edge that a monochromatic khaki on khaki outfit could give and it’s wonderful for office.

khaki on khaki khaki on khaki suit

Khaki and Pastel

As I’ve mentioned above, there is a great importance in having at least one piece of your outfit in dark color. In the case of khaki and pastel, this will be your shoes or bag.

khaki pants and pastel top

Khaki Shorts

This is absolutely great for the summer, especially when paired with loose shirts. If you’ll be wearing khaki shorts on the beach, though, make sure to chose one in a darker color so that the straying splash of water or the sand won’t be too obvious. Unless, of course, that’s what you want to go for.

khaki shorts casual

The Right Footwear

You’d always always want your footwear to be darker than your khaki pants so that the flow of your outfit won’t veer off. So anything from pumps to sandals will do so long as it is darker than your khaki pants.

khaki pants office wear khaki pants and gladiator flat sandals

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