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Your Engagement Ring & the Honeymoon


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The right jewelry insurance means one less thing to worry about when traveling.

Planning on honeymooning with your engagement ring on? A specialized jewelry insurance takes care of the “what if’s” so that you can enjoy your honeymoon in peace. Written in partnership with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

“Hawaii or the Greek Isles? Bora Bora or Bali? Hmmm.. should I wear the engagement ring on our honeymoon or leave it at home?” A question that will invariably pop up while you’re planning or packing your stuff for the big getaway. In fact, unless you already have all your precious jewelry insured, it’s something that you’d possibly be stressing about each time you travel. Beach honeymoons — and vacations AND summer in general — present a wider opportunity for jewelry to go missing. Sunscreen. Swimming. Bug spray. Massage oils. Crowds. You get the idea. Everything and anything that can and may cause rings to slip off your finger gets amplified during the hot sultry months of the year.

But, but… the honeymoon is the most perfect excuse to announce “I’m MARRIED!!!” while flashing a sparkly ring on your finger… so what should a new Mrs. do?

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Leave the diamond engagement ring, stick with just the wedding band.
Do you have a plain or minimally paved wedding band? Leave the diamond stunner behind and just go with the wedding ring. For active couples or those going for an adventurous honeymoon this option is a no-brainer to avoid damage to rings.

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Keep your eye on it.
Can’t bear to part with your pretty ring? Then make sure to keep a close watch: always wear your ring or properly stow in a carry-on. Never check in a piece of valuable jewelry! So just wear it all the time, right? Not exactly. Here’s a list when you should NOT be wearing a ring.

If you have the habit of taking your ring off at the end of the day, consider wearing the ring on a chain while traveling instead.

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Wear a fake.
Some brides resort to wearing a cheap knockoff of their e-ring on their holidays overseas. Note that this doesn’t mean you are less of a target of thieves, so whether you are wearing your actual ring or a realistic-looking imitation, it’s always smart to keep a low profile in sketchy areas or crowded places.

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Document your jewelry.
Have a list of the rings and other valuable jewelry you’;re packing with you. Photos and videos are useful if something were to go missing.

Keep jewelry in a safe.
If you’re staying in a reputable hotel or resort, get your precious ring(s) locked up in the front-desk safe (not the in-room safe). Want more tips? Read: Traveling with Jewelry: What No One Warns You About

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Jewelers Mutual® jewelry insurance comes with worldwide coverage for protection that travels with you.

Get your engagement and wedding rings insured.
In a perfect world you could wear your ring anytime and everywhere without ever having to worry about losing it. But even if you’;re traveling to a destination marked as the last paradise on earth, the reality is less rainbows and sunshine all the time. The smart thing to do is to get your precious rings insured so that you’;ll have one less thing to worry while enjoying your escape.

Considering a personal jewelry insurance?
Jewelers Mutual’;s jewelry protection goes beyond a typical homeowners insurance, and includes coverage for loss, theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, and a host of other hazards you may not always consider. Policies typically cost 1-2% of the value of your ring, plus there’;s a choose your own deductible option — an affordable investment considering the peace of mind that comes with it! And remember, Jewelers Mutual’s personal jewelry insurance includes worldwide coverage, so you are covered wherever you are in the world! Get a free quote here.

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