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Wedding Earrings.

Brides put a lot of thought into the gown they’ll wear, the headpiece they’ll choose and the bouquet they’ll carry but earrings can also have a huge impact on your bridal look. From statement to studs, these pieces of jewelry are transformative.

Gold statement earrings are for a bride with flair. These ornate gold earrings feature numerous stones in a creative setting that are perfect for a bride wearing a more simple neckline or planning a gold-inspired wedding.

wedding earrings

via Charla Storey Photography

Similarly, small gold diamond halo stud earrings can bring the bling in a more diminutive way. For brides who want a little pizzazz but don’t want to take any attention away from their gown and headpiece, shiny gold studs are a great choice.

wedding earrings

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Teardrop earrings are a style that will never go away when it comes to classic bridal accessories. These sapphire teardrop earrings are showstoppers and perfect for a bride who’s feeling blue on her big day.

wedding earrings

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Emerald is a bold color choice but it’s so perfect with a white wedding gown. These statement emerald earrings feature large cut stones anchored with a diamond stud base.

wedding earrings

via Michele Beckwith Photography

For the bride with a more luxurious look in mind, these elaborate silver earrings are keepers. Their long and ornate teardrop settings are perfect for brides with updos and strapless necklines.

wedding earrings

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Rose gold is a huge jewelry trend right now and this pair of rose gold floral-inspired stud earrings are perfection. This style is ideal for a romantic, lace-inspired gown.

wedding earrings

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Sometimes, a gorgeous set of antique earrings can make all the difference. If a bride chooses a gown with timeless touches or even wears a family heirloom piece, these chandelier gold and pearl earrings will bring the entire look together.

wedding earrings

via Jake and Heather

And for a classic touch, these beaded stud earrings are great for brides who want to complement their updos. This seamless hairstyle looks extra beautiful with these impressive baubles.

wedding earrings

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Don’t overlook your wedding earrings! They can give your look that one final touch that makes everything come together.

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