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Urban Chic Art Gallery Wedding in Ontario


Today’s wedding has a bit of everything we love mixed in — chic fashion, tropical inspired elements, and modern details, all in an art gallery venue! Laura Rowe, As You Wish Weddings, and Cedar & Stone helped bring to reality the vision of newlyweds Ashley and Chris, which included bringing the outdoors inside and decking out the reception space with cascading white paper leaves to replicate the feeling of dining under the trees. This is one for the books!

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From the bride, Ashley: The most important thing for us was that our guests have a fun evening. Apart from that, we wanted to be able to express ourselves and our relationship through the décor and the venue that we chose. Chris and I had been a part of the same group of friends for years, but never really connected until a summer camping trip. The cottage trips, river adventures and camping that soon followed became the background for our romance.

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When we started to plan our wedding, we wanted to incorporate that love of nature with the modernity that I appreciate as a designer. Lush tropical greenery offset the contemporary character of the venue. Wood, cement and metallic textures were highlighted throughout the entire event, from the invitations to the table settings. The ceremony took place outdoors in the sculpture garden of the gallery, with guests seated on the lawn. Our ceremony backdrop acted as a continuation of the ‘lawn’ into a vertical backdrop. The backdrop was surrounded by tropical greenery and bright flowers.

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An installation of hanging escort cards gave guests a chance to playfully find their seats. The entire ceiling of the reception was filled with white paper leaves cascading down, to create the feeling of sitting under a tree’s canopy. The tables combined wood, cement, tropical greenery, bright florals, fruit and metallics through various elements. After the ceremony, the outdoor space was transformed into a lounge / hangout spot for guests. The area featured a cigar bar, s’mores station, lounge seating and lawn games.

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Wedding Vendors

Photography: Laura Rowe
Wedding Planning: As You Wish Weddings
Floral Design: Cedar & Stone
Venue: Art Gallery of Hamilton
Wedding Dress: Carol Hannah “Senara” via Sash & Bustle
Wedding Cake: Sweet Celebrations
Tabletop Rentals: Plate Occasions
Invitations: Quills
Paper Goods: Designed by the Bride

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