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Unique Ceremony Chair Ideas


If you have a lot of guests attending your wedding, chances are where they’ll sit is a major factor. Before you grab for the traditional white folding chair, take a second to consider how the seating can have a beautiful effect on the ceremony space.

While this wedding location is modern, the chairs are luxurious with pink cushions and elaborate gold craftsmanship. The collection transforms the ceremony.

ceremony chairs

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A sweet outdoor wedding needs a delicate seating arrangement. These white chairs with curling and leaf-inspired designs are perfect for that rustic and romantic ambiance.

ceremony chairs

via Justin & Mary

For the modern couple with a little edge, these black chairs are perfect. Their designs are elaborate and unique and the contrasting white cushions pop in the location.

ceremony chairs

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There’s no rule that says the guests’ chairs have to match. For a versatile, yet quiet look, mixing up vintage and antique wooden chairs of varying styles, colors, and heights, along with a few wooden benches make this wide-open ceremony space interesting and different.

ceremony chairs

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Classic wooden chairs make for a lovely scene with plush white cushions. Guests can be greeted with a blush pink fan to cool off during the ceremony, as well.

ceremony chairs

via Jemma Keech

Even if you’re not a fan of mixing chair colors, incorporating rows of chairs and rows of benches with the same wood stain offers a cohesive look with a little variety for guests.

ceremony chairs

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Cakes, dresses, and shoes aren’t the only things that come in different colors. Grab some chairs with colorful cushions! These royal blue additions look amazing with gold backs and legs. Even in the most simple of ceremony spaces, these chairs amp up the elegance factor.

ceremony chairs

via Ian Holmes

Although it may seem like a simple to-do on your checklist, don’t overlook the chair details. If your ceremony space doesn’t require a lot of décor or you logistically can’t manage a lot of extras, use the opportunity to style the chairs and make your ceremony space your own.

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