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tuscany destination wedding photographer


We can all agree that getting married in Tuscany is a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for seascapes along the Mediterranean or gorgeous vistas near Florence as a backdrop to your nuptials, Tuscany will never go out of style.

Wedding photographer in Tuscany

When planning your destination wedding in Tuscany you’ll definitely need a local wedding planner, but don’t forget the photographer! Booking a wedding photographer in Tuscany, a true Italian, will give your wedding day memories that little extra flair. Photographer Duccio Argentini knows how to capture a Tuscan wedding. With a knack for the moments, the real things, he infuses his imagery with Italian sunshine and romance all while preserving your wedding with a contemporary style.

Wedding photographer in Tuscany Wedding photographer in Tuscany Wedding photographer in Tuscany

Duccio Argentini’s passion for photography began early at age eleven and he hasn’t stopped since. Two hundred and fifty Tuscan weddings later, this Florentine native knows how to shoot the good stuff and puts everyone in your wedding party at ease, allowing you to enjoy your day and the memories that he captures ever after!

Wedding photographer in Tuscany

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