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The Perfect Appetizers


Once the ceremony is complete, there’s nothing your guests will appreciate more than a few trays of perfect wedding appetizers. Small bites can make the transition from ceremony to reception more comfortable and more fun. Plus, it’s another way to put a stylish polish on your celebration.

A selection of mini crab cakes are perfect for a grab-and-go treat. Displaying them on a long piece of clear glass makes these delicacies even more appetizing.

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If you and your husband are a fan of chicken wings, why not offer some to guests? To keep it chic, serve them in clear cups with carrot and celery sticks and blue cheese for an appealing display.

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Bruschetta is such a beautiful appetizer with its mozzarella, tomatoes, and balsamic. Plate up several of these mini toast creations on a sleek white plate for guests to enjoy.

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For something heartier, offer guests a roasted lamb chop. To present, line them up on a thin white tray so it’s easy for guests to grab.

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Tiny tuna cups are covered with poppy seeds for a colorful sampling of seafood fare. Placing them on a wooden tray is an eye-catching, rustic-inspired way to pass them around.

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For your coastal wedding, oysters are the perfect appetizer. Place them in a bath of ice and allow your guests to grab as many as they want. It’s the easiest and prettiest appetizer you can imagine.

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Your pre-dinner bites don’t have to be run-of-the-mill snacks. Liven up your appetizers with not only lots of flavors but also inventive trays and displays. Your guests will appreciate the extra thought as they nibble away.

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