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the most romantic valentine’s day gift


Call me old-fashioned but long stem red roses on Valentine’s Day will forever be the most romantic gift you can give. There’s something so classic, so timeless about a beautiful rose, and a box full of them?! Yes please!

Red roses have long been tied to love, dating back to Greek and Roman mythology and their respective goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venues. There’s no mistaking their passionate meaning and the feeling of being desired when you’re gifted red roses. They will forever be an enduring symbol of love and beauty!

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Their fragrant blooms come in varying shades with different subtle meanings associated with them. A bright red rose denotes romance while a richer, more burgundy color means that the sender’s love for you has yet to be realized. Red roses will always reign as the ultimate symbol of devotion!

Whether you’re sending a single stem or an entire bouquet of luscious red roses, they’ll forever remain the most romantic and symbolic of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

For when you find a bouquet on your office desk or doorstep, here’s a quick guide to what the color means:

Red Roses = love and romance
Pink Roses = love, gratitude, and appreciation
White Roses = marriage, spirituality, and new beginnings
Orange Roses = enthusiasm and passion
Yellow Roses = friendship, joy, and good health

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