The Golden Age Meets Spring in a Bridal Fashion Shoot | Wedding


The Golden Age Meets Spring in a Bridal Fashion Shoot


Ladies, let’s go back to a fabulous time that is The Roaring 20’s.  Think Golden Age!  Think Gatsby! Consider high fashion!  Now let’s carry all that back and include it into a breathtaking bridal shoot, and voila!  Time Flies Photography exhibits real vintage spring seems to be in this awe-inspiring photograph session and I just really do not know exactly where to commence!  Everything was styled so superbly, from her exquisite dress to her beautiful headband to the charming antique equipment!  I want this camera in my daily life!  Can we speak about that lavish floral headpiece elegantly framing her encounter?  It is stunning and brings out the delicate soft functions all ladies radiate with!  And what I genuinely love is that she is aware of it!  She worked that shoot as all brides need to since she felt superb!  Style properly, dearies.  Style and plan well.  If you’re ready to swoon above some more vintage style, then be positive to examine out the full gallery!

Spring Bridal Portrait Spring Bridal Portrait


bridal-portrait-15 bridal-portrait-9 Spring Bridal Portrait


Spring Bridal Portrait

Spring Bridal Portrait Spring Bridal Portrait


Photographer: Time Flies Photography // Bridal Shop: Houston Bridal Gallery // Makeup Artist: Kristina Frank Makeup Artistry // Submitted by way of Two Brilliant Lights

 Creative Route by Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez , Written by Krista Avila

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