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publishing: blogs v. print


The reasons why you should publish your work (anywhere) are numerous and well-known. After all, how else are brides supposed to find you and see all the gorgeous services that your company provides?! Oftentimes the question is: “do I publish on blogs or in print?”

I love blogs and I love print – there are benefits to both and knowing your audience is definitely key when deciding where to publish. Today I’m going to lay out some of the pros when it comes to publishing on blogs.

Orchid veil DIY | see more on: published here, and then made its way over to DIY Weddings Magazine. Photographed by Carmen & Ingo. 


If brides are using the internet to plan their weddings, that’s where you want to be! And I’m not just talking about Pinterest. (The following stats were provided by The Knot at a wedding symposium – read about it here) Millennial brides account for 83% of all wedding clients and 57% of them do their research for vendors online. 64% use Pinterest as a tool when planning their weddings and 75% of brides connect with vendors on social media. And the best stat of all (drum roll please!): 94% of brides read wedding blogs at least once a week.

Those are some pretty solid numbers. The stats prove it – publishing on wedding blogs is key!

holiday chair decor | see more on: holiday bridal shower shoot published on Burnett’s Boards in 2013 got new life in Real Simple at the end of 2015. Photograph by Anastasia Belik.


I can’t even count the times I’ve had print publications email me for permission to use one of the images they find on my blog in their magazine. I always refer them to the photographer and the photographer always says yes. Many print magazines use wedding blogs for round-up features and the like. Additionally, print magazines will use content from blogs in their web versions (see above excerpt from Real Simple). It’s the best of both worlds without having to wait for bookstores to be stocked with new issues of wedding magazines.

Partnerships between blogs and print are another option. How it works: I share a feature from a magazine on the day their new issue hits the newsstands and in return they promote my blog post on their social channels. A notable example: I featured this stunning shoot from Australia to celebrate HOORAY! Magazine’s (formerly known as Hitched) entrance into the US wedding magazine market and they promoted my post.

But it didn’t stop there. A few days later I received a lovely email from HOORAY! Magazine’s editor saying that she had been exploring by blog over the last week, had fallen in love with a particular feature and wanted to see if the photographer was open to having it published in their next issue!

Marsala wedding ideas | see more on: Marsala wedding inspiration | see more on: Marsala wedding from Carike Ridout Photography on Burnett’s Boards was discovered and ran in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad (a UK publication).


Things on the internet live forever. Blog posts are constantly and organically revitalized through social media. Whenever I check my source feed on Pinterest (look here) I am always amazed at how far back people explore on the blog. Below are a few examples of images that were recently pinned from Burnett’s Boards and were originally published between 2013-2014. That’s 2-3 years ago! Pretty awesome right?!

And of course, especially with Pinterest, there is a ripple effect. One blogger or bride pins an image from 3 years ago and all her followers get to see it, and the followers repin it and so on and so forth.

Chaviano Couture wedding dress | see more on: Candles and grapes | see more on: House of Mooshki wedding dress | see more on: Couture wedding dress | see more on: Chaviano Couture dress shot by Elizabeth Messina, published online in 2013, pinned by bride in January 2016 / 2. Tablescape shot by Onelove Photography, published online in March 2014, pinned by a bride in January 2016 / 3. House of Mooshki dress published online in April 2014, pinned by bride in January 2016 / 4. Sea-inspired gown by Vivian Luk shot by Alea Lovely, published online in September 2013, pinned by a bride in January 2016. 


If you’re looking for a list of pretty much every wedding blog out there, Elizabeth over at Bridal Musings wedding blog created the ultimate list of wedding blogs by niche – take a peek because I guarantee you there’s an online home for your work somewhere. Submit, publish, and watch the magic happen for years to come!

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