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Original DIY Wedding Coat Hanger Cake Topper


Sometimes you don’t even guess from what you can make wedding décor elements. For example, you can create a beautiful and charming cake topper from an ordinary coat hanger! You’ll need wire coat hangers, pliers, spray paint, glitter and Mod Podge. Begin by taking your wire cutter pliers and cutting the wire hanger just below the neck. If your wire isn’t cutting easily, apply pressure to the pliers where you’d like to cut the wire and twist the pliers back and forth. Keep twisting and bend your wire at the cutting point and it should snap off. Flip your hanger upside down and straighten out the curved top with your needle nosed pliers. This will serve as your bottom. Twist a loop below where your word will take shape. If you wanna know what’s next, read here.

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