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Interview With Preston Bailey, Globally-celebrated Event Designer


Happy Wedding Wednesday, lovelies! I’m counting down the seconds to be joining David Tutera and Preston Bailey at Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera this Sunday April 17th! We’re super excited! I love the fact that events like YWE give me the opportunity to meet some celebrities of the wedding world and learn from them. And being able to pass that knowledge to you, so you are able to have more tools to plan the wedding of your dreams, it’s priceless So, today we have a special Q&A with the uber talented and globally-celebrated event designer, Preston Bailey! We dove deep into his brain and talked about his work, celebrity weddings and tips and advice for brides-to-be. Get a sense of what a true wedding expert has to say and learn some insider news on his upcoming appearance at “Your Wedding Experience Houston” bridal show.

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Preston Bailey

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Alex: You are known for creating stunning events for many well known people. Can you name  a few?

Preston: I am very fortunate to work with many amazing clients and some are more well-known than others. We have done events for actors, political candidates, athletes, Facebook founders and royalty and also lesser known clients who are just as exciting to work for.

Alex: What is your favorite aspect of producing celebrity weddings?

Preston: I think all of my weddings are exciting, but celebrity events often require a bit more security and high confidentiality.

Alex: Of all the events you have organised, both large and small, which one(s) stand out in your memory and why?

Preston: Again, all of my events really are special and unique in their own way. I will say, I enjoyed working with Oprah because I think she’s an angel and we did a really magical design in Big Sur that was very special.

Preston Bailey

Alex: How would you describe the Preston Bailey style?

Preston: Dramatic and Over-the-Top. For me, “more is more”.

Alex:  How did Preston Bailey, the Event Designer come to be? How has your business changed and grown in the time since it began?

Preston: I was a desperate man in need of a job and my friend suggested that I do some flowers for his clients and the rest is history.

Alex:  What inspires you? Are there any particular people, publications or brands that resonate with and/or inspire you and your events?

Preston: I am very inspired by Mother Nature, the theatre and fashion. I love a gorgeous stage design as well.

Alex:  How does your creative process work?

Preston: I am usually up by 4:00AM and like to work in the morning. In also get my most exciting ideas when at the gym enjoying a great workout.

Preston Bailey

Alex:  I’m from Mexico and you are from Panama, so as a Latina this is a question I have to ask. Do you think your background influences your design? Do you like to add a touch of “latin flavor” into your events?

Preston: Absolutely! I loved the rainforests in Panama and I am not afraid of bold colors. I love the Latin community and am proud of my heritage and I think the warmth I felt in my community as a child also influenced how I do business. My parents really pushed the idea of good service to others.

Alex:  What has been the most exciting or most memorable experience you’ve had as an event designer?

Preston: I have been honored with so many. I really enjoyed working with my guardian angel, Joan Rivers, on events because she was such fun and so open to ideas.

Alex:  What is the best thing you could hear from a bride? What is the worst thing a bride could say to you?

Preston: The best thing is that she feels we understood her vision and took it to a new level for her. The worst? That we missed the mark.

Preston Bailey

Alex:  What is the number one tip you would give a couple planning their wedding?  What is your number one piece of advice?

Preston: Remember that the day is all about your love and celebrating it with the people you love. The best way not to miss out on the day is to hire a good planner and vendors you trust and to allow them to do their jobs.

Alex:  You and I will be both making an appearance at Your Wedding Experience – Houston this weekend. What would you advise brides who are attending YWE to get the most out of this bridal event?

Preston: Your Wedding Experience is an incredible event which allows for a real exchange of information and ideas. It’s a dynamic environment so get involved in the conversation and be open! Have a list of questions you want to have answered during the event and don’t be afraid to ask them and put yourself out there!

Aren’t his answers fantastic!? I mean, working with Oprah and Joan Rivers… I die! Thank you to Preston Bailey for this great glimpse into this thoughts on weddings and events.

Come and join Preston, David Tutera and I this weekend at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. GET YOUR TICKETS, HERE.

It’s going to be absolutely amazing and you must stop by and say “Hi”! You and your squad can make your very own, custom shade of nail polish with me #SQUADGOALS.  I’ll also gladly be answering any wedding questions you have! Be there or be square!

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