Interview with David Tutera – Part 2 | Wedding


Interview with David Tutera – Part 2


Interview with David Tutera - Part 2

As promised yesterday, we’re back today with the amazing David Tutera! If you remember we left off with a great question after learning a bit about his bridal show, Your Wedding Experience which we’re honor to be part of! Keep reading for advice on planning your wedding and learn more about where David gets his motivation.

Interview with David Tutera - Part 2

Alex: …What is the number one thing that you would give a couple planning their wedding?  What is the number one piece of advice?

Tutera: When they’re planning the wedding, they have to be realistic.  They have to do their homework, first.  And it seems like that would make the most sense, but I think if you get so caught up and excited about what the plans are for the wedding that they forget to realize that at the end of the day there is a financial responsibility. You never want to step into your marriage in debt because of a wedding, I just think it’s very harmful to your relationship. So, what you need to do is you need to find your vendors first, get the budgets from your vendors second, and you can’t sign your contracts until you know everyone that you have on board, potentially, you can afford.  And then lastly, you want to make sure that you’re taking time to plan your wedding, and you’re not rushing to make the decisions, because you’ll ultimately make the wrong decisions. So what’s happened in this industry is that brides have shorter periods of time in their engagement.  I’m seeing 6-9 months which it used to be 12 months-2 years.  And I’d like to see the brides realize that there is no rush to the finish line.  You may have waited 6 or 7 or 8 years to get the ring on your finger but don’t rush to make the wrong decisions for your wedding day.

Interview with David Tutera - Part 2

Alex:  Yeah, and I know a lot of brides are rushing… And for wedding vendors, what is the number one advice that you would give them?

Tutera:  I think the most important advice for wedding vendors is that you should listen to your potential client and that you shouldn’t dictate what you think they should do for their wedding because it is not the vendor’s wedding, it is the client’s wedding.  If the client’s idea is a really bad idea you don’t tell them it’s a bad idea.  You work on trying to guide them in a better direction.  We are not there to judge.  We’re there to guide.  And we’re there to help.

Alex:  Perfect!  What would you say is the reason your brand is so successful?  Why is David Tutera everything so successful?

Tutera:  Thank you, by the way! I think can answer that question just by the fans.  Not by what I’ve done or attempted to do, because sometimes a lot of it, I don’t want to say is accidental, but it’s not done intentionally. I think, no I don’t think- I know my brand is authentic and I think authenticity is important for the consumer. My consumer is looking for authenticity which is, I think, why it’s gotten me on television for 9 years—there is no false pretense. I’m looking for the solutions and I think all of that, which may not have been intentionally figured out, but individually at the time, thought through has worked to my benefit to create a brand that’s successful.

Alex:  So just being authentic.  Just being you!

Tutera: I’m just being me. Hahaha! I’m not, you know, there’s times on my shows where I question what they ask me to do, and I always find myself negotiating. I win every time, Hahaha!

Alex:  Hahaha!

Tutera:  But I negotiate, by being myself.  Producers asks a question that they want an answer and I negotiate the reason why you would ask me that, and then I think ahead of how I’m going to answer it the way the viewer needs to hear it.

Alex: Okay.

Tutera:  Exhausting! Hahaha!

Interview with David Tutera - Part 2

Alex:  Hahaha!  After so many years in the business, what is the number one thing that inspires you?

Tutera:  I think it’s changed.  My inspiration comes from everyone else.  I get really excited about making other people happy.  My life is so rushed and it’s so fast paced.  But yet, the little blips of time that I find, which obviously goes to family, even when I have those moments.  I realize I’m always trying to make people happy.  And I realized, actually this was a really interesting week for me personally, so I realized throughout the whole week through everything that was going on, with 3 people in my life being very sick and realizing…

Alex:  Oh, I’m so sorry.

Tutera:  Oh thank you.  Everyone is fine.  But, I realized that all I’ve ever done is just, you know, spent time to try to make everyone okay.  And happy.  It’s not intentional.

Alex:  It’s just part of who you are.

Tutera:  I don’t know where that comes from.  I think it’s my mom, for sure, and my grandmother.  But I am just realizing this as I get older.

Alex:  Well, that is what moms do.  They try to make everybody happy, especially when you have several kids.  I am a mom too, and I wanted to ask, I know it’s very hard being a parent.  So, how do you manage your successful career and being a parent?

Tutera:  With my daughter?

Alex:  Yes.

Tutera:  Oh gosh!  It’s….the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life.  She’s actually…I mean, I know every parent says this, but I’m gonna say it anyways…she’s just really kind of amazing.  She’s an old soul.  She’s incredibly silly and funny and curious.  She takes nothing seriously.  She’s just comical, she wants to make people happy and smile.  Like her dad.

Alex:  Yes!

Interview with David Tutera - Part 2

Tutera:  Which is, really interesting, and…I’m gonna tell you a really quick story which I always loved to tell.  Every Sunday when we’re in church, we always sit in different places.  We sat  next to this one woman who I’m gonna say was probably in her 60s.  And I’ve seen her in church before and she never looks happy.  She sort of just sad and you know just disconnected.  My daughter sat next to her with me and my partner. And I leaned over at about 15 minutes into the service.  My daughter is holding this complete stranger’s hand for the entire service.

Alex:  Aww!  What did she say?  The lady?

Tutera:  Nothing.  She held my daughter’s hand in return.  Service was over.  She left.  It just says so much to me about Cielo.

Alex:  About who she is.

Tutera:  Yes!

Alex:  Yes.  And since she likes to take care of people as well, would you like her to do what you do when she grows up?  Follow your steps.

Tutera:  I want her to do whatever she wants to do.

Alex:  But would you like her to…

Tutera:  Follow my steps?  I don’t want to be the parent that says I would love my child to do what I do, because I don’t want her to do what I do.  I want her to do what she wants to do.  She could do whatever it is that she chooses to do.  If she got into this business, she’d be great at it probably.  But things change every year.

Alex:  Well, I think that’s it for my questions.

Tutera:  Thank you very much.

Alex:  Thank you so much!

Tutera:  So I guess I’ll see you in Houston.

Alex:  Yes, we’ll see each other in Houston.  Thank you so much for having us and I’m really excited about it.

There you have it, Ladies! From his head to yours, the best tips and information on all things wedding from our mentor and inspiration leader, the “Wedding Mastermind”, David Tutera! Don’t miss out on Your Wedding Experience coming to Houston TX August 9, 2015!  See you there!

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