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how to survive a summer, hot weather wedding


We are smack bang in the middle of wedding season and that means a lot more outside wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions. Although they may be beautiful there are some things as a guest you need to pre plan for.


If your ceremony is on grass or sand, you need to make sure your footwear is appropriate. Check with the couple how formal the event is. If its informal and on the beach, I think you can get away with holding your shoes and letting your toes get sandy for a while. Soft grass? Stilettos might look sexy but loosing a shoe in the mud is not. There are products on the market that you can place on your heel as a protector or cap. It gives you a wider surface area and prevents you from sinking.

Hot weather wedding tips


Being outside in the blazing sun is not good for you, so try to provide yourself with some shade. Maybe wear a hat, not as big as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, but something with coverage. How about a small hand fan? You can also get ones with a spray water bottle attached too. Don’t forget sunscreen!


Drink plenty of water. Just like when you are on vacation, hot weather and alcohol are a dangerous mix. Lack of Balance, coordination and judgment are all effects of over drinking and can be heightened by sun exposure. Water is your friend and its free!!


I don’t know why we have wasps but we have to deal with it. Also mosquitos drive me crazy! If you’re attending an outside event these two things are the most unwelcome gatecrashers. Try not to wear perfume, and if you must, only a little. They are attracted to sweet smells. Bug spray or repellants are also a great idea. Spray it before you get to your location. Some people have allergies to the chemicals in it. Yellow. Bugs are always attracted to yellow because it looks like pollen in a flower. I remember wearing a yellow t-shirt to a theme park and my back being covered in tiny black flies. Not a good look!

Enjoy the alfresco events while they last because the next thing you know it will be winter and your biggest problem will be deciding weather or not to have marshmallows on your hot chocolate!

Photo by Jose Villa. 

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