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how to have an eco friendly wedding


People are becoming more and more conscious of the effect their actions have on the environment and Bride and Grooms are no exception. Couples are finding ways to make their wedding eco-friendly and ethical and in some cases even giving back to the community. Marcie from Celia Grace creates ethically made wedding dresses and has put together a guide to making your wedding more ethical.

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  1. Choose local & in-season flowers

Did you know that many flowers are grown in South America (with lots of scary chemicals) and then flown to US flower markets and florists? Choose local and in-season blossoms and you’ll not only be eco-chic but you’ll also get the freshest florals and support a local farmer. Ask your florist what flowers will be in season for your wedding and plan from there.

How to have an ethical wedding | Ashley Largesse Photography How to have an ethical wedding | Ashley Largesse Photography Saphire and diamond engagement ring | Ashley Largesse Photography

  1. Fair Trade your Frock!

It is easy to forget that a real person is going to make your wedding dress (and did you know that 98% of our clothing is made overseas?). You don’t have to sacrifice on style or price to have a gown that is ethically-made and helps women and families around the world.

See for yourself – browse Celia Grace’s “giveback” gowns here (they make a one-for-one donation of a school uniform, too!)

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  1. Serve Organic & Fair Trade Coffee and tea

Organic coffee and tea is easy to find, incredibly tasty, and it is healthy for the earth and people. Fair Trade means farmers earn a living wage for their coffee so they can take care of their families. Imagine if your request convinced a caterer to go organic and Fair Trade for all weddings? It is a little change with a big impact around the world.

Check out Deans Beans and Equal Exchange for great options.

How to have an ethical wedding | Ashley Largesse Photography How to have an ethical wedding | Ashley Largesse Photography Lace wedding dress | Ashley Largesse Photography Bridal jewelry | Ashley Largesse Photography

  1. The perfect touch: Handmade Accessories

Complete your look, and support a local businesswoman, by choosing handmade accessories made in the USA. Ask at your bridal shop or there are tons of great options on Etsy. These stunning accessories are Handmade in Vermont by Edera Jewelry.


Photography: Ashley Largesse Photography // Floral Design: Petals // Wedding Dress: Celia Grace // Wedding Cake: Clarke Couture Cakes // Makeup: Jennifer Perellie Make Up // Hair: Finishing Touch // Favours: Vert Mont Perfumery // Antiques: Sir Richards Antiques // Bridal Jewelry: Edera Jewelry // Linens: The Linen Shop // Rentals: Rain Or Shine Tent And Events // Wedding Venue: Apple Hill Inn

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