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grace & stella: give (yourself + others) the gift of beauty


‘Me-Time’ pampering and holiday shopping just got a little bit easier with skincare and beauty products from Grace & Stella. Beauty. I was lucky enough to try out a few of their products and gave myself a little ‘at home spa’ experience that I’ll admit, I was in dire need of! With dry heels and a face that hasn’t seen anything other than my daily face wash scrub in quite some time I eagerly tested out a few products offered by Grace & Stella:

  1. Bath Bombs
  2. 2-in-1 Bath Brush and Massager
  3. Dead Sea Mud Mask
  4. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask
Grace & Stella Beauty Products

Today I’m going to talk about the first two and then next week come back for my reviews of the third and 4th!

One of the things that drew me into saying ‘ok’ to trying out and reviewing these products from Grace & Stella is that they’re offerings are 100% cruelty-free, their packaging is made with BPA-free materials (+ the packaging is also well designed…) and made with recycled materials.

So without further ado, the products:

BATH BOMBS: I have to admit I’m not a bath person. I’m a shower and shower fast kind of girl but I tried one of these anyway as they have delightful smells and who knows, I might become a bath convert. The box I was sent had bath bombs in the following scents:

Grace & Stella bathbombs

Jasmine & Water Lily: Relax
Jasmine & White Tea: Harmony
Fig & White Peach: Wellness
Red Rose: Good Vibes
Grapefruit & Mandarin: Energize
French Lavender: Keep Calm
Rosemary & Sea Salt: Refresh
Sea Kelp: Rejuvenate

The scents are all lovely and I am partial to anything at all with jasmine in it so I tried the Jasmine & Water Lily. It did what bath bombs are supposed to do – fizz and color the water a little bit and smelled pretty nice! The smell was not overwhelming and didn’t stick too much to your skin after I got out, which is either good or bad depending on what you’re looking to you use your bath bomb for.

The oils and Epsom salts these bath bombs are made with did leave my skin noticeably softer.

Another plus that I thought of after I was out of the tub, it didn’t leave a lot of clean up! I’ve tried bath bombs before… and let’s just say the dead petals and glitter sticking to the bathtub afterwards was not a bonus. You don’t have to worry about any of that with Grace & Stella bathbombs!

Should you purchase Grace & Stella’s bath bomb set?

FOR YOURSELF: Yes, but only if you’re a bath person.

AS A GIFT: Absolutely!

Grace & Stella Beauty Products Reviews Grace & Stella Beauty Products Reviews

2-IN-1 BRUSH AND MASSAGER: The Grace & Stella website makes a lot of promises with this product…

  1. It promises that the massage side will help with lymphatic drainage (I don’t even know what that means)
  2. It promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite (I’m skeptical at best with this point)
  3. It says that it is great for exfoliating the skin (yes – it definitely delivers this promise!)

The online product description does say to try the natural boar bristles for ‘dry brushing’ – I did not. But I did use this product in the shower and loved it! I used it mostly on my back while I was in the bathtub testing out the bathbombs and it left it me feeling exfoliated and soft. This brush is packaged with a shower hook (definitely appreciated!) and a lavender-scented body cream that went on smoothly and smelled like relaxation itself.

Should you purchase Grace & Stella’s 2-IN-1 Brush and Massager?

FOR YOURSELF: Definitely if you need one!

AS A GIFT: Yes! It’s packaged perfectly and with some extra add ons so it makes a fantastic, useful gift.

Be sure to stop by next week for a review of Grace & Stella’s Dead Sea Mud Mask and Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask!


Partnered Post // While Grace & Stella sent these products for me to try, I am not required to do anything in return. This review is a good one because I would never bother to write about or promote a company or experience I didn’t care for. All opinions are my own!

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