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Gilded Shadows Bridal Headpieces


To capture the essence of Gilded Shadows’ bridal headpieces, a team traveled to Dripping Springs, Texas, to shoot at the illustrious Prospect House. With its whitewashed walls, gorgeous Hill Country views, and abundant natural light, this setting provided the perfect canvas to paint the possibilities of these fashionable bridal accessories.

bridal style bridal style

Because these headpieces are perfect for modern brides who still love traditional elements, the team incorporated notes of each during the creative process. A modern gallery-like venue, a wax-stamped invitation and bold bauble are just a few of the creative touches.

bridal style bridal style

The bride dons a ruched off-the-shoulder gown with lace detail on the bodice. It’s an excellent choice to showcase and compare each unique piece.

bridal style bridal style

With her hair swept back in a low updo, the first piece features a spirited cluster of clear beads, petite flowers, and tiny pearls all in gold setting.

bridal style bridal style

She transforms her look by shifting the headpiece to the side, creating a beautiful embellishment on her hairstyle.

bridal style bridal style bridal style bridal style

The next look is a bold and contemporary crown made from gold leaves. The floral inspiration is idyllic with the bride’s hair down at her shoulders.

bridal style bridal style

For a more ornate style, this headpiece features luxurious floral and beaded details that are stunning at the crown.

bridal style bridal style bridal style bridal style

Another option to dress up a free-flowing hairstyle is a delicate piece that teems with intricacy.

bridal style bridal style

The bride dons a veil to show the versatility of this headpiece.

bridal style

With her hair pulled in a low ponytail, this headpiece adds a touch of shimmer to dress up the style.

bridal style

With a charming, rustic-inspired table set for the bride and her groom, her style, no matter which one she chooses, looks perfectly placed.

bridal style bridal style bridal style

Bridal headpieces are a modern way to redefine bridal style. Gilded Shadows’ creativity allows brides to embrace their own unique fashion sense while still emulating beloved bridal touches. Who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle and shine on their big day?

Photographer:  Honey Gem Creative//Designer: 10th Collection//Headpieces: Gilded Shadows//Hair Stylist: My Style Team//Calligrapher: red clay paper//Floral Designer: Remi and Gold//Dress Designer: Saint Isabel Bridal//Venue: Prospect House 

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