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Fall Woodland Wedding


Today is the last day of this hot summer and tomorrow will be the first day of a crispy autumn, so we are taking a vicarious trip to the woods for a Fall wedding. A romantic cabin was the perfect backdrop amongst the woodland scenery. Bridal attire was beautiful as ever and the bridesmaids wore the most fitting Nordic-themed sweaters over coppery dresses. The pretty florals, which are to die for, portrayed a lovely woodland fairyland . The multiple cake table has us in full swoon—I especially can’t take my eyes of the center cake, wrapped in branches, true to theme and gorgeous as can be. Seriously though, the details continue to wow us in THE FULL GALLERY with maple leave jars of maple syrup to act as name cards! The food looks delicious and the ambiance like such fun—wish we had been there!. At least we have Luv Lens’ beautiful imagery to keep feeling like we were!

Wedding cake - Luv Lens Lace Wedding Dress - Luv Lens Bridal party - Luv Lens PhotographyBridal party - Luv Lens Photography Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens 
Romantic winter wedding - Luv Lens Sophisticated bride - Luv Lens Winter Bridesmaids - Luv Lens Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens Bridal portrait - Luv Lens Photography 
Winter bridal party look- Luv Lens Winter Bridesmaid Ideas - Luv Lens Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens 
Romantic winter wedding photo - Luv Lens Photography Winter wedding ceremony - Luv Lens Winter Wedding ceremony - Luv Lens Photography Winter woods wedding - Luv Lens Wedding cake - Luv Lens Photography Wedding Centerpiece - Luv Lens Wedding place setting - Luv Lens Photography Wedding cake table- Luv Lens Photography Wedding cake - Luv Lens Wedding picture ideas - Luv Lens 
Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens Photography Wedding music - Luv Lens Wedding table - Luv Lens Photography Wedding cake - Luv Lens Photography Wedding centerpiece - Luv Lens Phototgraphy Wedding bouquet - Luv Lens 
Wedding music - Luv Lens 
Wedding cake table - Luv Lens Lace Wedding Dress - Luv Lens 
Bridal party - Luv Lens  
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Photographer: Luv Lens // Specialty Foods: Dunc’s Mill // Dress Designer: Fiori Bridal Boutique // Makeup Artist: Jamie Dragon // Event Designer: Kith & Kin // Cake Designer:Twin Sister Cakery // Jewelry: Von Bargen’s // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

 Written by Laurice Yanar, Creative Direction by Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez

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