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Ethical Diamonds from CanadaMark


Tis the season for sparkles and is there anything more sparkly than a beautiful diamond? In our determination, the only thing more cheer-inducing than a diamond is one that was completely ethically sourced, which is why were excited to share about our partner . Every CanadaMark diamond is responsible mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Responsibly mined diamonds from right here in North America? Yes, please.

CanadaMark ethical diamonds

In addition to being responsibly minded, diamonds are natural and free of treatments that are sometimes used to “improve” a diamond. Their diamonds are polished to meet specific quality standards and they track each diamond through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone. There is no question that these beauties are handled with care.

responsibly mined diamonds from CanadaMark

So, where can you buy diamonds? They have a great on their site that lets you know where their diamonds are available for purchase. There will be quite a few names on there that are familiar to many of you, such as Brilliant Earth. Now that you are in the know, when it comes time to shop for that sparkly something, you can choose an ethical diamond from .

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