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Beautiful Wedding Stationery Part I


Wedding stationery has really transformed in recent years. From a package of white letterpressed pieces to an artistic curation with wonderful detail, the stationery can really be a telling preview of the event. Make the experience of opening your invitation one your guests will never forget.

For the color lovers, a watercolor invitation suite in your wedding colors can be an unexpected surprise. The soft immersion of colors, such as this blue and red pairing, are vibrant and welcoming. The white font is a cohesive and classic touch.

wedding invitation

via Brody T Photography

While the paper might all be the same color, the envelopes and script can be unique, too. Pink font with a blue shadow creates a soft, ribbon-like effect across the pieces. Small floral details and navy, gray, and pink envelopes bring the entire collection together.

wedding invitation

via Sarah Carpenter

If you yearn for a truly personalized invitation suite, find an artist to depict you and your groom on paper. Include details unique to your personalities and put them in a fun envelope for guests to enjoy seeing in their mailbox.

wedding invitation

via Judy Pak

Dark, textured paper can be softened and beautified with luxurious gold print. Modern calligraphy and a statement monogram can make your stationery perfect for that over-the-top event you’ve been planning.

wedding invitation

via Kurt Boomer Photo

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to stationery and this is a great example. All of the pieces are made from classic ivory paper and elegant font; however, small details like a fork and knife and goblets are a visual reminder about which piece belongs to which part of the event. For a fun pop of color, the reply card can be mailed in a pink envelope.

wedding invitation

via DeFiore Photography

Think about the theme of your wedding and incorporate that into the stationery. For an outdoor wedding incorporating natural elements, an invitation suite with a watercolor painting of the location and its unique characteristics is exquisite.

wedding invitation

via Patrick Moyer Photography

If florals and lace are at the forefront of your big day, incorporate them in a big way in your invitation suite. A statement lace detail on the invitation, followed by a floral-inspired reply card and classic script can help your wedding vision jump right off the paper.

wedding invitation

via Heather Hawkins

If you’re a modern free-thinker with a passion for the elements, this is your stationery. Inspired by real crystals, this black and white invitation suite features a black envelope and a cohesive milky black and white swirl on the invitation, inside the envelope, and on the back of the reply card.

wedding invitation

via NBarrett Photography

The flowers you use for your big day can also inspire your stationery. A coral-colored floral can be featured on the save-the-date card with ombre coral pieces to remind your guests to return their reply cards. A complementary color, such as gold, can be included for a multidimensional look.

wedding invitation

via Emily Blake Photography

What is the one thing you wants guests to know about your big day? Whether it’s a singular color, a characteristic of your venue, or even how you met your fiancé, think about what makes your wedding exclusive and use that as your inspiration.

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