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Amazing Wedding Cakes Part II


If you have visions for a glamorous and luxurious wedding reception, an equally amazing cake can bring the look full circle. With hints of gold, pearls, and crisp lines, the cake can be the touchstone to your timeless event.

This cake is as ornate as it gets. White tiers are the foundation for an over-the-top gold design. Extremely detailed gold edging and details along the layers tie in the artistic leaf topper. Although simple in color palette, this cake is richly executed.

gold and white cake

via KT Merry Photography

This cake has beautiful white tiers in varying heights, making for a multifaceted look. One tier features an etched diamond pattern with pearls while the rest are cleanly covered in fondant. A cascade of colorful roses and flowers trickles down the front and a champagne-colored ribbon anchors the base.

wedding cake

via Brett Heidebrecht

Although small in size, this cake is splendidly styled. A gold hand-painted monogram and gold details cover the two white tiers and a dainty collection of flowers rests on top. It is charming and sophisticated all at once.

wedding cakes

via Rebecca Yale Photography

Less can definitely be more when it comes to cake creations. Although elements like the pearl details over the clean white fondant are simple, the gold base layer and delicate flower topper take the look over the top.

gold cakes

via Danielle Poff Photography

For a modern look with classic touches, this cake hits all the right notes. 3 layers of white fondant are painted with peach-colored edging. To match the color, a large white sugar flower rests on the front of the cake, equally painted with the same warm hue for a seamless finish.

wedding cake

via Kristina Lorraine Photography

If you want to mix things up a bit but still keep it classy, incorporating different shapes can be eye-catching. Two round tiers, both different, sit atop a square base layer decorated with swags of buttercream pearls. A flawless arrangement of roses on top and simple lace additions make this cake a gorgeous showpiece of a sweet.


via Taylor Barnes Photography

Use the elements of your wedding to inspire your cake. Metallics, textures, and every flower you can imagine can be incorporated into the design. Just make sure you’re okay slicing into something so pretty!

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