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Adventure Honeymoon Tips & Inspiration


adventure honeymoon ideasHoping to have an journey honeymoon? Great! Adventure honeymoons are a completely out-of-the-box way to celebrate your new daily life as newlyweds, which is best if you’re an out-of-the-box couple that doesn’t want to just lie on the beach for a week or two.

Adventure honeymoons come in all sorts of flavors, so it is up to you find the ideal getaway answer that fits the two of you. Want to do a lot of hiking? Awesome! Hoping your adventure honeymoon includes hang-gliding or scuba diving or climbing Mount Everest? Incredible! Right here are some fun adventure honeymoon tips developed to inspire.

Journey Honeymoon Ideas

1) Safari Adventure Honeymoons – What could be a lot more adventurous than camping out in the African desert by night and viewing lions, rhinoceros, giraffes, and elephants by day? Yes, this is a single of the far more pricey adventure honeymoon suggestions, but it’s also 1 of the most unforgettable.

Journey Honeymoon Concepts Bonus: Shell out extra to go check out the gorillas. Most safari packages really don’;t consist of gorilla spotting, but you will be so glad you shelled out a small additional to incorporate this after-in-a-lifetime possibility.

two) Alaska! If your concept of a romantic honeymoon does not incorporate suntanning on the seaside, then Alaska might just be 1 of the most ideal journey honeymoon ideas ever. Why? Here are just a few motives: humpback whale viewing. Incredible hikes (like, seriously remarkable). Bears. Helicopters landing on glaciers. Puppy sledding. Snorkeling and scuba (yup, even in Alaskan temperatures).

Journey Honeymoons Inspiration: Want a teeny bit of pampering on your adventure honeymoon? Get an Alaskan cruise. You can have amazing adventures during port days and then head to the spa and appreciate some gourmet dining the rest of the time.

3) Secret underground lakes in Mexico – You really don’;t have to travel far to have an adventure honeymoon. Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula gives interesting options for honeymooners, like swimming in underground lakes called cenotes, scuba-diving or snorkeling through underwater cave techniques, and exploring the Mayan mysteries at the ruins Chichen-Itza and Tulum.

4) Off-the-beaten-path Hawaii – Hawaii??? Yes, Hawaii. Despite the fact that Hawaii is frequently observed by adventure honeymooners as the greatest in cliche honeymoons, there is a total other side to Hawaii that largely goes unexplored. Couple in search of adventure honeymoon tips could be surprised to learn about all of the wonderful tricks in retailer for them in Hawaii.

For example, did you know that 75% of Maui is completely inaccessible except by helicopter? You can get a helicopter tour, which will not only get your blood pumping, but will also expose you to waterfalls and rainforests most travelers in no way see. Or you could go higher-velocity blue water rafting, in which you will catch some significant air on an ocean rafting vessel prior to you go snorkeling with sea turtles and dolphins.

Or why not go for a hike close to Hawaii’s lively volcano or speed down Maui’s volcano by bike? Or consider an unique tour to Niihau, Hawaii’s “Forbidden Isle,” which most visitors really do not even know exists.

5) Volunteer Adventure Honeymoon Concepts – If your idea of a very good time contains providing back, there is no shortage of journey honeymoon inspiration for you. Why not construct houses in South America or volunteer in colleges or hospitals in Africa, or help wildlife researchers in the Arctic? Volunteer opportunities can consider you all above the planet, whether that indicates somewhere completely exotic or staying close to house. When you combine your journey honeymoon with volunteering, you not only deal with by yourself to an unforgettable and romantic experience, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a variation.

What journey honeymoon suggestions have you been tossing all around? We’d really like to hear your tips!

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