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A Classic Blush Wedding with Lebanese Flair


Culture and tradition often lead to greats romances and beyond beautiful results – and this classic blush wedding is no exception. Elizabeth & Mir wed at St Elias Church in Austin TX in a beautiful Eastern Orthodox ceremony, which made me so happy because I also got married in an Eastern Orthodox ceremony. You can read more about this beautiful type of marriage ceremony below!

Hyde Park Photo captured this classic affair to perfection, from the beautiful bouquets and centerpieces to the cultural dance and the AMAZING wedding cake. Get captivated in our FULL GALLERY right this way!

Rose wedding bouquet- HydeParkPhoto Beautiful wedding dress - HydeParkPhoto 
Romantic bride and groom picture - HydeParkPhoto Roses bridal bouquet - HydeParkPhoto Wedding ceremony crown - HydeParkPhoto Floral wedding aisle decorations - HydeParkPhoto Beautiful wedding altar - HydeParkPhoto Eastern Orthodox Wedding Ceremony - HydeParkPhoto White bridal bouquet - HydeParkPhoto Tall wedding centerpiece - HydeParkPhoto Wedding escort cards - HydeParkPhoto 
Wedding cake table - HydeParkPhoto White rose Wedding bouquet - HydeParkPhoto Floral wedding centerpiece - HydeParkPhoto Beautiful sweet heart table - HydeParkPhoto Blush Wedding Centerpiece - HydeParkPhoto Wedding drinks - HydeParkPhoto 
Wedding drinks - HydeParkPhoto Beautiful wedding cake - HydeParkPhoto Outdoor wedding photo ideas - HydeParkPhoto Floral wedding cake - HydeParkPhoto Beautiful bride and groom picture - HydeParkPhoto Floral wedding cake - HydeParkPhoto 
Wedding favors - HydeParkPhoto 
Wedding ceremony picture - HydeParkPhoto Romantic bride and groom photo - HydeParkPhoto 
Wedding cake cutting - HydeParkPhoto Sweet heart table - HydeParkPhoto 
Austin wedding church - HydeParkPhoto 
First wedding kiss - HydeParkPhoto

From the Photographer… “Elizabeth & Mir wed at St Elias Church in Austin TX in a beautiful Eastern Orthodox wedding. It features placing gold crowns on the bride and groom. The Crowning is the centerpiece of the Eastern Orthodox marriage ceremony. The priest places the crowns on the couple’s heads while they face the altar. According to ancient custom, the crowns are to stay with the couple for life.Following the common cup ritual, the priest leads the couple 3 times around the altar on which a Bible and cross rest. This ritual dance predates Christianity, representing the dance around the Ark of the Covenant. In this act, the couple takes their first steps as a married couple, with the Church (through the priest) leading them. When Elizabeth & Mir entered the reception, they were led by Lebanese dancers and drummers. The performance was a Zaffa entrance, a traditional entrance welcoming the bride and groom into the dance floor. It’s traditionally done as the groom leaves his hometown and his best friends drum and being music to cheer his departure to pick up his bride from her hometown. The performers wear lavish royal costumes Andalusian, sultan styles, and enter dramatically announcing the couple’s arrival. The drums are the Tupan or Davul also known as Tabel.”


Photographer: HydeParkPhoto // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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