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5 best europe beach destinations for hen & stag parties


So you’ve been given the task of organising a hen or stag weekend party, but beware – it is NOT always as easy as it seems. Determining whether or not this party will be a success all depends on where it takes place. As much as you may think that Vegas is the place to go, why not go for something a bit more unique?

If you’re planning your stag or hen do, why settle for one night out when you can enjoy a few days or more in the glorious sun? After all, there are plenty of great nights out to be had across loads on sunny destinations. What better way to wave goodbye to the single life than by dancing and drinking the night away in party paradises like Ibiza or Marbella?! Continue reading to find out our top 5 best beach destinations for your Hen or Stag party.


Magaluf is infamous for leaving an ever-lasting mark on those who come to party. Remember all those stories about tattoo regrets? We challenge YOU to come away unmarked! As much as you’ll probably want to spend your weekend partying it up in at the clubs, be sure to chill out with a few days out on the golf course or on a golden sandy beach. Whatever your preference, Magaluf has something for everyone. It has to be one of the most popular places to go for hen and stags – if cost is an issue, you can make the holiday as cheap as you want. With plenty of bars and clubs selling drinks at around 2 Euro, you can’t get any better than that!

If you are asking yourselves if you should go to Benidorm for your hen or stag weekend, the simple answer is YES! When you’re looking at 1 Euro for a pint and 3 Euros for a cocktail, you’d be a fool not to. Benidorm is one of those special beach destinations that is ideal for an adventurous hen or stag party; easily one of the cleanest beaches in Europe, you can guarantee you’ll get more than you expect. With plenty of great hotels and a variety of excursions and entertainment, Benidorm provides a great base for partying and relaxing. Choose anything from water skiing to taking a trip to a VIP casino – the possibilities are endless! This Spanish resort is designed for those who want to party hard.

Constanta is definitely way off the beaten path for hen and stag parties, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be spoilt for choice with all the awesome activities to make your weekend sizzle! Head down to the Mamaia resort and Romania’s Black Sea beaches – hang out in the sun all day with your friends, sipping on a cocktail or two, then venture out on the town and visit one of the hottest clubs in Europe. The parties at the Mamaia resort never stop, lasting all night and into the next morning, so you can roll out of the club and straight back onto the beach to sleep it off.


Calling all pleasure seekers; if you are going to have a hen or stag weekend, you may as well do it properly – Ibiza is here to show you how! Considering the fact that most people only plan on having one wedding, a hen or stag do in Ibiza is a must. Leave the single life in the distance and bring on the parties. Whatever you’ve been told about the island of Ibiza, it’ll surely live up to its name – whether you’re ready for it or not! For those of you who seek perfect weather, fine beaches and an awesome club scene, get yourselves down to Ibiza. Regardless of whether you want to relax in the heat or go extreme on a night out, this island is guaranteed to offer you all you need and more!

Marbella’s nightlife is what some people might call legendary. No doubt while you are in Marbella you will have at least one night out in Puerto Banus. While you are there, why not head to Linekers – full of great music, cheap alcohol and a fantastic party atmosphere. If you’re looking for something unique to do on your hen and stag do, hit up one of Marbella’s beach clubs. The ideal place to relax and sip cocktails with your friends.

Hope these 5 destinations will help you to make great decision for your hen or stag weekend escape!

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