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#TheShoe Is the New #TheDress Debate: Which Nail Polish Color Matches?


Oh no, it’;s “The Dress” debate all over again!

On Wednesday, July 8, Twitter user @totallymendes—who goes simply by “A,” though this is allegedly not a PLL stunt—posted a photo of a magenta shoe and two nail polish bottles via the social media site. Innocent enough, right? Wrong!

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@totallymendes captioned the picture with one question: “Which color matches the shoes best?” The result: a whole new color-matching debate that’;s sweeping the Internet.

Anticipating the mania, @Catesish swiftly replied, “Oh god. Not again,” while @Spoonsivan wrote, “NOT THE DRESS PLS NOT THE DRESS.”

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But others were all too happy to get in on the game. @Jadissmendes offered, “The one thats the same color of the shoe! The one on the left.” @Jeffstacobs, on the other hand, offered personal experience: “I bought these [shoes] a few weeks ago because the color is so perfect. (ps the polish on the right).”

Confusing the matter even further, it seems that when you adjust the brightness of your screen, it affects which color you might choose. (When the screen is darker, the shade on the left is a better match. But if the screen is lighter, the right bottle becomes a sure thing.)

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In spite of all of this, A seemed delighted by the response, but opted for some shut-eye once the debate raged on into the wee hours. “I’;m going to bed because it’;s 1:25am but I wonder how many RTs this will have when I wake up,” she signed off. (For the record, at press time, the tweet had 5,319 retweets.)

And so, we leave the debate with you! Which polish do you think matches best with A’;s new shoes, the one on the left or the one on the right? Vote in the Us Weekly poll above!

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