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Katy Perry Can’t Buy Nuns’ Convent Yet, But May Be Able to Rent It For Now, Judge Says


Katy Perry v. the nuns continues. The “Roar” songstress now has to battle the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and restauranteur Dana Hollister over rent for the coveted piece of land, a hilltop, villa-style convent in Los Feliz that offers views of downtown L.A. and the San Gabriel Mountains.

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According to the New York Times, Judge James C. Chalfant said in a Thursday, July 30, hearing that he plans to enter a new preliminary junction that would keep the nuns from completing their sale of the historic site to Hollister. However, Perry would also be barred from purchasing the land until he comes to a decision over the sale, which he stated could take years to resolve.

Judge Chalfant, however, doesn’t want the property to sit vacant and has officially declared a battle over the $ 15 million-valued site’s rent. “We’ll have a battle of potential leases,” Chalfant told the court, setting a new hearing for the two sides to duke it out Sept. 15.

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In case you missed it, two of the 5 nuns who resided in the convent, Sister Rita Callanan and Sister Catherine Rose, argued that the covent was theirs to legally sell, which they did to Hollister. However, Archbishop Jose Gomez claimed that the property was his to sell, which he had planned on doing so to Perry. 

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