Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Buy This $350 T-Shirt From Goop, Rounds Up 11 Best T-Shirts | Style


Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Buy This $350 T-Shirt From Goop, Rounds Up 11 Best T-Shirts


Uh, that’;s expensive! Gwyneth Paltrow rounded up the 11 best T-shirts on her lifestyle site,, on Friday, Sept. 25, and one of her favorite options is a $ 350 short-sleeve tee.

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That’;s right: There’;s a T-shirt being sold for $ 350. It’;s called the “Paget Tulip Jersey Top” by the brand Mother of Pearl, and it’;s a blue and red flowy design with a flower pattern. 

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And Goop wants you to buy it in bulk. “When you find the right t-shirt, you want 17 of them in your closet. And you want them to last forever and never disintegrate,” the site wrote in a description of the roundup. “Herewith, our favorite t-shirts right now—the ones we’re buying in bulk to see us through the next few seasons—and all available on goop.”

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Credit: Goop

Of course, the Tulip shirt is the most expensive example. Paltrow’;s site also displays 10 other options ranging from $ 84-350, with a standalone offering of a tee at a practical price, the Alternative Apparel “Powder Puff” shirt, which Goop is selling for $ 38.

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Credit: Goop

One shirt in the moderate price-point range of $ 80-90 is a simple white crop top by Frame Le, available for $ 84.

Credit: Goop

If long-sleeve shirts are more your thing, try out one of Goop’;s favorites, a white top with a feminine ruffle at the bottom by Mother of Pearl ($ 295).

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