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Celebrity Chef Travis London’s Summer Entertaining Tips: Drink Recipe, Decorating Ideas, and More!


Stop right there, summer soiree lovers! Before you send out your invites and light up the grill, celebrity chef Travis London has a few crucial (and sublimely delicious) tips for you.

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“People always overthink it when it comes to throwing a seasonal party,” the Healthy Chic Eats founder tells Us Weekly. “But being a great host or hostess is as simple as making your guests feel welcome. Good food, limitless cocktails, amazing music—not to mention great people, of course!—are the only ingredients you need to throw the perfect summer party.”

Well, all of that—and a sick drink recipe, which London is happy to share. Scroll down to read the bicoastal pro’;s best tips!

The Early Worm Enjoys the Party!

Save yourself time and stress by prepping early. London says, “You want to spend as much time as possible sharing the moment with your family and friends, so do as much prepping as possible the day before.” That way, you’;ll have much more time to have fun! 

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You’;ve Got to Have a Gimmick

No party is complete without a theme, and that means color. “No matter what the occasion is for your summer soiree, always get a color theme going,” the celeb chef insists. “This will give your party a fun, festive, and chic look, and your guests will be sure to notice.” 

Embrace a Starry, Starry Night

“The best part about entertaining in the summer is doing it outdoors!” London says. “Create a sparkling ambiance worthy of a Hollywood set by stringing some mini-lights along the patio railings and up the trees.” Instant prettiness.

Celeb chef Travis London dishes his best summer entertaining tips. Get them here!

Celeb chef Travis London dishes his best summer entertaining tips. Get them here!
Credit: Alejandra Barradas

Display Your Drinks

Drinks are always a favorite at any party, and according to London, they should be cold, accessible, and pretty. “Take buckets in the color of your theme, fill them with ice, and add flavored beverages to each one, matching them to your party decor,” says the food guru. “Seagram’;s Escapes, in particular, come in a large assortment of colors and flavors.”

Think Mini

Warmer weather means tinier clothes—and smaller bites, too. “When serving food, offer bite-size portions, so that your guests can have a little or a lot, whatever they’;re in the mood for,” London says. “Smaller’;s also easier to eat, so you can take and go, and mingle at ease without worrying about seating.”

Shoo Fly

There’;s nothing worse than when your delicious beverages attract every bug in the nabe, but London has a sure-fire way to avoid pests. “To keep the bugs at bay, simply cover your cup with a cupcake liner and punch a hole for the straw,” the chef instructs. “Not only will it keep the flies off, but it’;ll also add a colorful touch to your drink.”

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The Sweetest Sin

Last, but not least, you need a big finish—and London says there’;s only one way to go: “No party is complete without dessert, and no dessert is more all-American summer than apple pie.” The pro says to head to your grocery store to pick up mini-frozen pie tarts, which you can fill with you favorite recipe. “The individual serving size makes for a quicker clean-up—and it leaves plenty of room for seconds,” he adds.

And one last present for you…

London also shared his special recipe for Berry Sparklers, a sweet summer drink your guests won’;t be able to resist. Bottoms up!

Berry Sparkler: Serves 1

2 oz. Seagram’s Escapes Wild Berry

1 oz. White rum

Juice of 1 small lemon

Handful of fresh mint leaves

2 Blackberries

Lemon Lime soda

Blackberries for Garnish

Credit: Seagrams Escapes


Muddle mint leaves and berries with lemon juice, wild berry, and white rum. Add ice and stir. Top with soda. Garnish with fresh berries. 

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