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beauty arsenal

For us, weak women, the beauty routine is a fight, often heavy and hard. Some women need to correct their beauty only with a slight movement, and others have to sweat, while working on it. But this work is always well paid for. See our offers to beauty arsenal which make you feel attractive and confident woman.

Let’s start with the arsenal for this battle:

beauty arsenal

It starts from a glove, it should be rough, it can be bought or do-it-yourself from an old towel for face, it is used for scrubbing; A brush with a long handle – after cleaning the shoulders you take it off and use it for scrubbing the other body parts ; Two towels – best made of flax with the size of 30 by 40 centimeters; A hair-brush – best made from bristles; A face brush – a little, round, soft; Teeth-washing instruments; A dressing-case for nails; Pumice stone for scrubbing the feet; A sprayer – the most practical is a little, plastic bottle which can serve both at home and on the way, because it is closed very well; A pair of nippers for correcting the eyebrows.

Besides these, there are proper materials, faithfully serving the woman:

beauty arsenal

Soaps for bathroom and face (depending on the skin)~ Toilet lotion for make up removal~ Cotton and wood wool~ Powder cream – daily~ Feeding cream – at night~ Powder proper for the skin color~ Rouge~ Lipstick~ Hand cream~Perfume~ Spirit~ Eyebrow pencil~ Mascara~ Henna – black or brown~ Nail-polish – for the one who loves them~ Herbs among which you have to have: chamomile, linden flower, rosemary, lavender, hops…

beauty arsenal

This beauty arsenal varies with the seasons. For instance there are lipsticks in electrifying colors of fuchsia, poppy and orange, while gel effect ranges from pale pink to nails shining like candy. Summer beauty products should last after the beach and the pool. Buy eye-shadow pencils, which are waterproof. The colors of the season: icy blue, frosty green and shiny peach.

beauty arsenal

What is absolutely essential for great skin is how deep you wash your face. Aloe Milk lotions are very thorough cleaning especially designed for normal skin. They remove any traces of make up and powder and wash and cleanse the face everywhere. Wash your hands before you touch your face (do not touch it during the day). Everything you do to your face, do to your neckline as well.

beauty arsenal

Why do women fight this battle to look good? For the teenager – it attracts attention from the opposite sex. For the business lady it can mean opportunities with customers. Physical attraction is very much associated with being smart. First impression counts. Even women who are not vain and frivolous admit in front of themselves sometimes, that they would like to be pretty. All these weapons are used by women to boost their aesthetic appearance. If you want to take good care of your skin, know that the foundation of beauty is cleanliness, almost pedantic cleanliness.

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