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What Makeup Should We Choose If we’re Wearing Glasses


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Let’s be realistic. Glasses are one of the main accessories for women today. Therefore, the form and the color of the frame of the glasses influences on the choice of makeup. If they have a thick, colored frame, you should conform to its color – if it’s dark, you should accentuate on a brighter makeup. If the glasses have handles (i.e. without a whole frame), you can choose whatever makeup you like, but you shouldn’t ignore the character of the lenses, or to be more precise – the dioptre.

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It is a fact that the lenses with short-sightedness make the eyes look smaller. On the other hand, the lenses with long-sightedness make the eyes look bigger. That is why, it is necessary to adapt your makeup not only to the form of your eyes and the frame of your glasses, but to the dioptre too. If you have short-sightedness, you should enhance your look, using eyeshadows with 3 shades, which you apply starting from the lightest color and finishing with the darkest one, and following your lash line.

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If you want to enhance your eyes even more, you can use white eye pencil, which you apply on your waterline. In case you have long-sightedness, it is good to emphasize on darker shades, such as grey, brown, and black. You can also use black eyeliner or pencil.

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As it comes to the lipstick, you should consider carefully the color with the frames of your glasses (or pick a shade, which will look good with them). If they are monochromic, you definitely have a bigger choice. But if they are colored, it will be better to stick with the same color scheme, the one closest to your frames. In all cases, you will never go wrong with the neutral nuances.

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Talking about flawless looks, one of the main rules with makeup is: when you are trying to put the accent on your eyes, the lips should be neutral and the opposite (if you are wearing a darker lipstick, the eye makeup should be brighter). As it comes to your cheekbones – it will be nice to underline them with rouge, complied with your skin color. This summer, the pink rouge is a tendency, because it adds a fresh and charming look to your face.

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Always remember that wearing glasses is sexy too. You can always look good and provocative, and attract a lot of male attention. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look.

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