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Things To Tell Your Daughter About Makeup



Every woman eventually faces that awkward and serious moment, when her daughter wants to put makeup on herself. You receive the full responsibility to explain her everything necessary and to be extremely attentive as to the consideration what your grown up girl needs to hear now and to learn herself later. I know these sound too serious and a bit scary, but know that you can do it. Though, to make this tough task for you a bit easier, we have decided to give you hints as to the things to tell your daughter about makeup.

1. Do not tell lies in order to protect your girl


Ok, things like inside beauty is more important than your appearance or wearing no makeup is a sign of a confident woman, might sound quite educative, but they can only harm your daughter. There is a big chance your girl really to believe in these things. And when she grows up, she will thing that she is cool and fancy enough not to highlight anything from her appearance. Do you know what she will turn into? Your daughter will be simply one of those school losers, who nobody likes….

2. Have a friendly approach


It means you do not have to be crucial or critical. On the contrary – speak as you are 15 again and you really want to find a suitable lipstick that will grab the attention or even better – talk about makeup as the thing you have always wanted to improve to attract the guys. Eventually, your daughter will feel you close and she will listen to any advice you will give to her – either for the case, when her makeup is too much, or what kind of foundation she should choose.

3. Make your daughter a makeup surprise


It can be either a full luxurious set of teen makeup tools (so she would not ruin her face with products she chooses), a visitation to a makeup artist, so she can define what really looks good on her or even better – a regular girl day for you both every month, when you can discuss new makeup techniques or go shopping for new makeup goods. All the things you will speak with your daughter during these cool activities, will be definitely heard by her – unlike those words you scream at her as a powerful mother.

4. Tell your daughter that makeup is not the most important thing!


Not only in general, because her behavior with people is more attractive than a set of shimmering eye shadows, but also in her appearance. Make your daughter understand that everything in her style is equally significant for the final result. The good hygiene, the suitable haircut and the finely picked up clothing pieces are as important as the makeup!

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