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Interesting Makeup Tricks for Business Women


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As a woman in the business world it is essential that you work your best features in a professional and subdued way. It is important to remember that you will want to look like the strong powerhouse that you are meanwhile avoiding making makeup mistakes that are inappropriate for the office. Below are some important makeup tricks that business women can take advantage of.

Prepping and Grooming

Before you even begin to think about applying any type of makeup it is essential that you take the time to prep and groom your skin. Once a week you should take a look at your eyebrows, remove any extra dead skin, and really pamper your face so that you have the perfect base for any makeup that you choose to apply. Makeup always looks better when your skin is clear and healthy so make sure that you take care of it like you’re supposed to.

Emphasizing the Right Features

business women

Next time that you have the ability to look at yourself in the mirror without any distractions, figure out what your best features are. These are the areas that you should be looking to accentuate. For example, if you really love the size of your eyes you should focus on mascara, the right shades of eye shadow, and the right type of eyeliner.

Keeping it Simple

Even though we love the idea of looking like a runway model at all times, that isn’t always appropriate for the office. Instead, make sure that you keep your makeup as simple as possible as it will help you to get ready faster in the morning and look better than ever before. Choose neutral shades, try to avoid being heavy handed when you’re applying the makeup, and ensure that you look natural.

Choosing Warm Tones

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Think about the lighting that is in your office, it’s mostly fluorescent which gives off a blue/white look. You will want to choose warm tones that offset the harsh lighting as it will help you to brighten your entire complexion. Your foundation, lipstick, blush, and eye shadows should all have warm tones.

Blotting Tissues

Even if you have dry skin, you would be surprised at how your natural oils can work against the makeup that you have on your face. Blotting tissues are great for soaking up extra oil and maintaining a matte appearance. This also helps to prevent you needing to add extra powder to your face throughout the day.

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