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How to Put on Emo Makeup


emo makeup

Emo makeup is gaining popularity nowadays what with its dark smoky eyes and cat shaped eyeliners. Most often, the lips and cheeks in this look are kept very simple using natural tones. If you want to accomplish your own emo makeup, here the steps to achieve it:

Prep Your Face Well

Before applying any type of makeup, you need to make sure that you prep your skin by using mild soap and cleanser to keep it from drying out. You can pat the skin out dry then apply some makeup primer to help the makeup adhere to your skin later on.

Concealer and Foundation

emo makeup

A liquid foundation is recommended – make sure to choose one that fits perfectly well with your natural skin tone and blend it well. If you use the wrong skin tone in your concealer or foundation, it will make your skin look washed out, yellow or even orange –it’s something you certainly do not want to be caught in. Use a brush to even out the application and give it a polished finish. When applying a concealer, the one is stick form is best used for the job because it is the most effective in hiding the blemishes and evening out one’s skin.

Applying the Blush

The emo makeup highlights the eyes so you have to make sure to use the blush sparingly. Apply it so it is only slightly pinker than your skin tone and apply it in circles around your cheekbones. Do not apply blush on contours or the hollows of the cheeks.

Putting on the Eye Makeup

emo makeup

What the emo makeup tries to achieve is the smokey eye effect. You can start off by applying a matte shade of eye shadow and then add some black eyeliner to about 1/3 of the outer area of the eyelid. Blend them in to achieve the effect. Next, apply black eyeliner on the lash line but extend it a bit more on both sides of the eye as well as in the inner and outer areas of the eye. Thicken the eyeliner until you feel satisfied with how it looks. The secret to the emo makeup is making the eyeliner meet up at the corners of the eyes. The look you would want to achieve is a little catlike – the line should slant slightly upwards from the corner of the eyes towards the temples. Then, you can smudge the black eyeliner on the upper eyelid using a sponge applicator.

The final touch for the emo makeup would be to add black mascara on the upper lashes then on the lower ones. You can enhance the look by using false mascara as well.

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