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Why I Stopped the No Poo Technique


Recently I have tried the no poo strategy of hair washing. And, properly, I have an viewpoint about it. Nonetheless, the cause I am writing this is not to knock anybody who is doing it or to say a specific way is the only way. I just want to share the details I discovered with you all and depart you to make your personal selections, judgment free! From me, at least.

Why I didn’t like the no poo approach of hair care

why the no-poo method didn't work for me

Very first of all, can I commence by saying, with no sounding totally vain, I actually like my hair. It is thick and lengthy and it grows fast and is typically fairly healthy. I haven’t accomplished anything at all especially particular to have this head of hair, so I will count it a blessing and do my best to take care of it.

Which prospects me to why I commenced the no poo approach in the 1st area. I am making an attempt to be mindful of all of the chemicals we bring into our lives day-to-day. When you talk about just beauty goods for ladies, that can include up fairly speedily! I will never ever be a totally normal woman, but I want to do my greatest to be aware of what I’m putting on & in my physique and that consists of hair care.

Confession – I did not do also a lot analysis ahead of starting up. I glanced all around from website to website and of program there is often the excellent and bad. There was the “it’s so great, my hair is so wonderful & clean, I’ve been no poo for years!” Then there was the “no way, this is horrible, it is not healthier, my hair is disgusting!”

I actually wanted to believe the 1st group. That I could have stunning wholesome hair by just washing with baking soda & rinsing with vinegar. I indicate, how superb would that be? You know exactly what you’re putting on your hair, it’s straightforward, & inexpensive and it is even now receiving clean! Win!

That wasn’t the situation for me.

I feel like I need to take a 2nd and describe what the no poo strategy is for those of you that do not know. It is when you wash your hair with a baking soda/water mixture and rinse with vinegar & water. It is supposed to clean your hair and help it be healthier. There is even a website focused to it!

Allow me also begin by speaking about my hair routine prior to commencing this. On the no poo technique website it talks about how it is bad to wash your hair each and every day and that this approach will support you go longer in between washes. Well, I have by no means washed my hair every day. No way. Who has time for that? I wash my hair twice a week. I consider to use sulfate-free of charge shampoos & conditioners (just ordered my Madison Reed merchandise!!). I use merchandise, but not each time I wash my hair. So I really don’;t know if I was a wonderful candidate to try this.

My benefits

It began off not so poor. The first day I believed “hmm… okay, I could do this!” My hair was quite dry & frizzy, but it was clean. It acquired greasy more quickly than regular, but I even now let myself go 3 or 4 days in in between.

2nd wash – not so clean any longer. My roots nevertheless had a greasy feeling and the rest of my hair was a minor greasy, but not so undesirable. I just imagined “okay, I’m just adjusting. I’m gonna stick with it!” I also thought I had accomplished the ratios incorrect with the baking soda and vinegar. I decided to use much less of each and every subsequent time & a lot more water.

Third & 4th wash. You guys, I want I would have taken pictures. It. Was. Nasty. Like there was this nasty movie all more than my hair, not just my roots. I couldn’t touch it with out my hands getting greasy. I attempted. I tried to curl it. No this kind of luck. It was also even now very dry & brittle even with becoming greasy also! Not my favored.

So I posted to Facebook. You guys are always a wealth of details and it was fairly the convo! Some shared their success stories and encouraged me to keep going. And then there had been really a few who recommended that I cease right away and that I was ruining my hair. There have been also some stories of girls who have completed it and how it has damaged their hair. Very the spectrum of responses.

One particular reader shared this site with me. The author talks about her journey with the no poo method of hair washing and how it killed her hair. She had accomplished it for 3 many years and thought her hair was healthful. She then goes on to make clear the Ph ranges in baking soda and vinegar and how they aren’t at the proper degree and so forth. and so forth. I will depart it to you to study it if you’re interested.

Following reading that submit and the testimonies of the any girls it did not function for, I made the decision to end. I know most no poo advocates are going to say that I did not give it enough time. It was about two weeks I gave it. To that I say, you didn’t see my hair. It was so disgusting, I can’t even tell you. I do not know how individuals live like that. And two, if there is a chance the post is appropriate, and I am ruining my hair, why maintain going? For the sake of making an attempt to show the no poo method functions? I’m okay with chickening out on this 1.

Nope. Not for me. I like my hair stunning and healthier and it was not that at all not at one particular stage for the duration of this approach. I could have continued to see if it would have cleared up, but I would also risk damaging my hair more and I just didn’t want to.

I do even now feel it is essential to attempt to continue to search for a far better way to wash my hair. I’ve witnessed some recipes out there that are various than this particular no poo method of hair washing and I might give individuals a consider. In the meantime, I am going to attempt to buy products more healthy for my hair and just stick with that.

All that to say, if you use this strategy, study that report and nonetheless want to continue – far more electrical power to ya! I don’t notably care what kind of approach men and women use to wash their hair! If it functions for you, get it girl. So why did I publish this post? Since I wished to present my side. I wished to talk about how it did not operate, how you could potentially be damaging your hair and share the information that I identified in the process. This way you can make an educated decision by yourself as to no matter whether or not you want to attempt it or carry on it or stop it.

So what’s your get? Are you a no pooer or are you a typical shampooing gal? If you have any suggestions or recipes, I’d enjoy to hear them! Share them in the comments!

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