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Undesirable Hair Day Rapid Fixes


Bad Hair Day Quick Fixes

Maintain pressing snooze on your alarm and waking up late, giving oneself no time to shower or do your hair effectively? Our bad hair day fast fixes might be just what you need to have.

So let’s get started with our very first bad hair day fast fix. This hairstyle is ideal for hiding the dreaded greasy bangs and/or face framing layers we wake up to, and with no time to shower WHAT am I meant to do with my hair?! Routinely crosses our minds.

Bad Hair Day Quick Fixes

So instead of pulling your hair back into a ponytail or bun, why not try out an angel braid? This seems super chic and is really swift to do, too! To generate your angel braid, begin with providing your self a side parting. You then want to take a small segment from the leading, near your parting and divide into 3 equal sections. Then you can commence to braid. To commence, basically cross the left part above the middle area, then cross the appropriate part above the left section (which ought to now be in the middle) just like you would with a common 3 strand braid!

Now you want to French braid your hair. So, instead of taking added hair on each sides of your braid, be certain to just include in hair from the front. This will assist give your angel braid some height and it will also assist to preserve your braid held great and neatly along your hairline, too!

When you have reached your ear, stop French braiding and finish up by braiding a regular 3 strand braid all the way to the ends of your hair and safe in spot with a hair tie. To finish off your search, just tuck the finish of your braid behind your ear – you can keep the braid in spot by using some bobby pins to safe in spot. And that’s it! A super cute braid to hide a negative hair day completed it like 4 minutes?!

Our subsequent poor hair day quick resolve is best for greasy hair that you want to hide. We like to call this ‘the twist’. It is super straightforward to do which signifies you can do it while you are even now waking up and gathering your ideas!

For this hairstyle begin by offering your self a side parting. Then you want to get a little segment alongside your parting, merely twist this area right up until you are left with a rope-like result. Then all you need to have to do is secure in spot to the side of your head with a bobby pin! Ta-daaah.

Also, you certainly really don’;t have to stick to just one hair twist, if you would like them both side of your encounter then just give yourself a middle parting alternatively! So effortless and swift, right!?

Bad Hair Day Quick Fixes

Moving on to those awkward straggly hair days and you have small time to make it search presentable. Have you provided the mermaid braid a whirl? This sneaky braiding approach produces the illusion of twice as significantly hair, so essential for those days when your hair is seeking lank!

For this hairstyle get started by sweeping your hair to one particular side, you then require to divide the hair into two equal sections. Then get 1 part and flip the other section over your shoulder to keep it out of the way for now.

So, taking your part of hair at the front, you will require to divide this into 3 equal sections and reverses braid all the way down to the ends of your hair. Oh and a reverse braid?! This is just a easy 3 strand braid, but alternatively of crossing every strand above the middle, you consider this beneath the middle rather. Once done, safe in place with a hair tie!

Now you need to do the exact same factor with the section of hair that you flipped out of the way earlier. Even so when you reach the ends of your hair, get rid of the hair tie from the first braid and use it to secure each braids with each other. To finish off the seem, consider some bobby pins and safe the two braid togethers (do this underneath your braid so that they are hidden) and say hello to thicker looking hair in a matter of minutes! You’re so welcome, gals.

So our last poor hair day quick fix for straggly hair requires a sidekick. And what far better side kick than the BobbyGlam Wrap Around Ponytail. This is one of our fave merchandise, it’s so effortless to use and offers us amazing outcomes!

All you need to have to do is pull all of your hair in excess of to one particular side (neatly) and secure in location with a hair tie. Then attach the BobbyGlam Wrap All around Ponytail by basically fastening the ‘teeth’ of your pony in to your hair tie. You then require to wrap the velcro strip about the base of your ponytail (this will hide the hair tie) and secure in area with some bobby pins. And voila! A super thick ponytail that you can pass off as your quite personal.

So now you happen to be armed with some bad hair day rapid fixes, you can deal with yourself to that additional 10 minutes in bed tomorrow!

Do you have any other bad hair day rapid fixes? We’d enjoy to know.

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