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ten Best Winter Hair Colors


A change in the season is the perfect  excuse to switch up your hairstyle. And with these 10 absolutely gorgeous  winter hair colors, you’ll stay beautiful while keeping on-trend. Just like your pumpkin latte, it’s time to spice up your life! Which winter hair color will be on wish list for Santa this year?

3a15db036deab79719c91d83a7abc6cd 1. Dirty Blonde

While blonde is usually reserved for the warmer months of the year, there’s no law in the book of style that says you can’t rock this color! To give your bright locks a bit of warmth for the season, add a splash of dark golden pieces or even browns to give your hair a dirty blonde style.


2. Rose Gold

Rose Gold is one of those hot hair colors that’s super hard to pinpoint: just imagine the perfect combination of a lovely pinkish bronze coloring with luscious blonde highlights. The result? A super vivid and lively hair color that will brighten up even the darkest winter nights. If you love pink and you love bright blonde, we highly recommend this dazzling ‘do!


3. Platinum

As light, bright, and beautiful as the winter snow, platinum hair color is as icy hot as it gets. We saw this hair color creep up during the summer seasons, and its popularity has only continued to grow. This year-round hairstyle might require a lot of care, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort.



4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet hair is as delicious and mouth-watering as it sounds. Picture a luscious, deep red color with hints of plum. The result is simply flawless. I mean, would Arianna Grande have worn this hair color if it wasn’t perfect? Entice and allure with this flawless, deep red hair color.


5. Black Currant

A little bit dark and a little bit mysterious, black currant hair coloring is the ideal tone for winter. It’s an incredibly deep shade of purple, plum, mixed with hints of black for a devilishly gorgeous color that is almost vampiric. What better way to indulge the dark nights than with a dark ‘do such as this?


6. Chocolate Truffle

It’s almost the holiday season, which means our stockings (and our hands) are bound to be filled with chocolate truffles. So why not our hair, too? This divine, stunning shade of brown has that desirable silky smooth appearance that reminds us of a delicious chocolate treat we’d love to devour. Forget boring old brown colors, chocolate truffle is the only way to go. Indulge in this rich color for the winter  and enjoy all season long!


7. Lilac

I think it’s clear by now that lavenders and purples are all the rage this winter season. So of course we had to add this enticing bright lilac hue to the list! With the perfect blend of light lilac, darker hints of purple, and platinum blonde, this striking hair color is a must for the winter months.


8. Ombré

I think we are all aware of how incredibly ombre coloring has been lately. We’ve seen it on hair, nails, and even clothes! (Some people are even painting their rooms with ombre colors?! Why not?!). That being said, it’s only obvious that ombre hair color would make it on the top 10 list. But here’s one thing you’ll want to know about wintertime ombre for 2014: it seems to be heavily popular to have darker (natural) shades at the top, and bright pastels at the bottom, like you see in this picture (a darker brown leading to pastel pink ends). So even if you’re currently rocking an ombre style, feel free to switch it up and opt for the dark/super light combo.


9. Pastels

Much like ombre, pastels have been a must-have since the beginning year. And don’t you dare think, even for a second, that you have to tame it down or go dark just because it’s wintertime. In fact, you should do exactly the opposite. If you’re already sporting pastel locks, keep them! If you don’t but have been considering the bright shades all year long, now’s the time to switch it up and rock that vibrant color. Blues, greens, pinks, lavenders- the choices are limitless, and you can’t go wrong with whatever color you choose.


10. Salted Caramel 

A beautiful shade of brown is combined with a few hints of dark blonde to create a ravishing hair color that is downright stylish. The best part about this hair color is you can mix and match how much brown and blonde to add to your hair, leaving you with the hair color you’ve always dreamed of. Totally customizable and nothing short of snazzy, there’s no doubt we’re in love with salted caramel locks.

Are you planning to switch up your hair for the winter months? Which one of these top 10 best hair colors for winter will you be showcasing? Let us know below! We’re dying to know!

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