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Short Hair Without The Chop


Faux Bob Social SquareSpeaking from experience, I know that gals out there are always contemplating whether or not to get a bob. It just takes so long to grow out!! So, what about if I told you that you could get shorthair without the use of scissors… As soon as I saw this tutorial by BubzBeauty, I had to give it a go and sure enough, I’m ob-SESSED! It’s such a comfy hairstyle, but it can also completely change how you look, without making any commitments.  Liking the sound of it? Then let’s crack on!

Faux Bob Before

What you will need:
A Brush (Tangle Teezer)
Styling Cream/Spray (Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Heat Defender)
A Curling Wand (Babyliss Pro Conical Wand 32-19mm)
A Backcombing Brush
Hair bands
Bobby Pins (a lot of them!)
HK Full Head Hair Extensions 12-14 inchs
Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

Faux Bob During
  1. Gals you’re going to lurrrrrrv this hairstyle because it works better on second day hair. Yep, that’s right, no need to wash your hair beforehand! Still, make sure you brush it through to make it easier to work with.

  2. You’re going to need to prep your hair for this tutorial, as we are going to be using heat on it. To keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, you need to protect it – it’s non negotiable! Place a few drops of Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Heat Defender into the palm of your hand and run your hands through your hair. This product is perfect because it will smooth and hydrate your hair, as it protects it!

  3. This is where you are going to need to get your curling wand. I recommend that you use a curler with a larger barrel, so that you don’t get really tight curls. Curl your hair away from your face and try and keep all the curls going in the same direction, otherwise you’ll end up with beachy style curls – which are gorgeous, but not what we’re going for. Spray hairspray onto your hair after you’;ve curled it, for maximum hold.

  4. Now, separate your hair into two sections, by making a parting from ear to ear. Click the top section up out of the way – we’re going to come back to it.

  5. Separate the bottom section into 3 separate sections and tie two of the 3 sections with hair bands to keep out them out of the way. Backcomb this section at the root and braid the bottom part (it sounds complicated but just look at the pictures), securing it with a thin hair band. Repeat this process on the other two pieces of hair.

  6. Once all 3 sections are backcombed and braided you want to curl the braid upwards and secure them with bobby pins. This is going to act as the base of our faux bob.

  7. Release the top section of hair and go back in with your curler and add some of our 16-18 inch extensions, for some added body. As I’m blessed with naturally thick hair, I only added two wefts either side. But, if you do have naturally thinner hair, put in as many as you feel necessary. Don’t forget to hairspray as you go!

  8. Gather all the hair ends into a bobble at the back of your head and tie with a thin hairband. You’re then going to tuck the ponytail underneath your bob and secure with bobby pins.

  9. If you’re going to a wedding or event, why not add a ribbon or hair clip, for some extra glamour. If you’re off to a gig, why not add some flowers? You’ll be rocking the boho vibes – could anything be more spring/summer appropriate – I’ll answer that… Nope!

  10. If you’re feeling rather vintage and pin up like I was by the end of this tutorial, add a true red lipstick and you’ll be flaunting Dita Von Teese vibes!
Faux Bob After

And you’re done! Now I know you’re going to love this look, so show your love and hashtag #DTYLOOKS so I can see all your beautiful recreations!


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