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Platinum Blonde Hair. Is It The New Hair Trend?


The fact that it’s even a question we request ourselves in 2015, is adequate of a indicator that YES, platinum may well just be the new hair issue this season. That, and also Kim Kardashian’s newest hair transformation. The woman just bleached her hair final week and went platinum blonde. If held the planet followed, I would’t be stunned.

I wouldn’t even though blame it all on Kim. Hello, Kanye.

kim-kardashian-platinum-white-blonde-hair platinum-blonde-hair-look-2

Anyway, leaving people two aside, I would extremely significantly dare say I myself had a great deal to do with this new hair trend. Whaaaaaaa?!

Ok. Enable me now for the sake of, generally myself, to be slightly delusional. But trustworthy. People who know me, know, that final week correct ahead of Kim Kardashian went platinum I was critically considering receiving blonde highlights, and then, right after stumbling on this photo under of Kate Moss, I was flirting A Whole lot with the notion of obtaining platinum blonde hair. Like rough rebel chic 80s type bleached hair, with dark roots and dark eyebrows. Consider Madonna or Deborah Harry back then. Or Rita Ora & Rihanna right now.

kate-moss-platinum-blonde-hair platinum-blonde-hair-retro platinum-blonde-hair-madonna-80s platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-rihanna platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-3


Of program had I voiced this hair need sooner, I could have claimed the fucking throne to platinum hair. Properly, not really, but part of being delusional comes with different realities. I got so numerous, this one’s just the icing on the cake. At least I wasn’t that off the rail and onto the looney location with my bleached blonde thoughts.

Ahh, but you see… platinum hair, as Marilyn Monroe intriguing and seductive as it is, or as 80s Madonna sexual-edgy as it appears is not a cake we can all swallow. These two bombshells are fair skinned and have blue eyes. But what about us, the rest of the flock with darker skin, dark eyes, and not-naturally-light-blonde-hair?


Is platinum blonde hair a risk-free elegance-bet? 

NO. ‘Excuse me?’ snapped my brown-eyed-medium-brown-skinned-self at me. ‘Well, the point is, platinum hair will usually search a lot more at residence on a fair skinned particular person, BUT, all the other skin tones have one particular enormous end result out of this look: outstanding, unbelievable and irresistible edginess and coolness.’ THIS I uncover personally much more intriguing and lust above hunting at, far more than the opposite. Yet again, I am biased.

Platinum hair is a key style and attractiveness statement, first of all trigger of its obviousness, and second, for what it stands for or translates.

platinum-blonde-hair-trend-2015-2 platinum-blonde-hair-street-style-7 platinum-blonde-hair-street-style-rihanna platinum-blonde-hair-trend-2015-4

It can be the dolled up platinum bleached blonde babe, but that is so 2000s Christina Aguillera. Completed. Carried out. Accomplished. And then accomplished some much more. With a slight chance you will end up seeking like a porn star. It can be retro-bombshell-glamorous, believe Marilyn Monroe, or Gwen Stefani. Or it can appear really edgy-rock-urban-amazing with dark roots and dark eyebrows. Believe Rita Ora, 80s Madonna, Rihanna. Not to mention so several fashionistas, bloggers, or versions out there. Of all skin tones, and elegance traits.

Platinum blonde also looks so considerably much better on short-er hair, consequently Kim Kardashian’s new lower to go with the new colour. Plus feel about the rest of the icons. Exactly.

kim-kardashian-platinum-blonde-hair platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-5 platinum-blonde-hair-rita-ora Micah Gianneli_Top fashion style blogger_Faith Connexion_J Brand

This is the place items don’t include up for me, as I manufactured a guarantee to myself I will no longer lower my hair for a long time. Cause I wanna have Azealia Banks mermaid mane. I know… I’m nevertheless twelve.

platinum-blonde-hair-2 platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-7 platinum-blonde-hair-look-9 platinum-blonde-hair-street-style-1 platinum-blonde-hair-street-style-6

Can anybody put on platinum blonde hair? YES. It is all a matter of the appropriate shade somehow.

Whilst fair skinned people can quite significantly rock any platinum blonde shade (cold, warm, ice blonde, pinkish, ash blonde and so forth.), the plot thickens when we talk medium brown, brown, caramel, and dark skin tone.

platinum-blonde-hair-1 platinum-blonde-hair-street-style-4 platinum-blonde-hair-trend-2015-3

But platinum blonde hair DOES perform of any skin tone out there. It all depends on the all round seem you are going for. Platinum currently being such a doll-hair-shade, will usually – in my book – look so a lot much better clashed against the opposite: roughness, ghetto-glam variations, retro-edgyness et all.

  • dark roots. They add roughness and edginess to the type, providing it that 80s rocknroll vibe.
  • dark eyebrows. Yes. It’s no longer necessary to match your eyebrows to your hair, au contraire, keeping your eyebrows dark, or darkening them will add far more definition to your features and generate a large-style-cool contrast to your platinum hair.
  • match your platinum shade to your skin tone. Feel about when final week Kim Kardashian bleached her hair it type of had a yellow unnatural tone to it, now… she went even lighter, but cooled down her shade and made it much less chicken-yellow and a lot more 80s platinum. And I’m betting it will search even far better as soon as her roots grow out a bit.

platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-1 platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-2 platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-4 platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-6 platinum-blonde-hair-dark-skin-tone-nicky-minaj platinum-blonde-hair-gwen-stefani platinum-blonde-hair-look-6 platinum-blonde-hair-look-7 platinum-blonde-hair-look-8 platinum-blonde-hair-look-10

Yes, it is not all-natural looking on darker skin tones, and yes they would probably search conventionally far better with darker hair, BUT platinum hair with darker skin tones appears uber sophisticated and very extremely extremely stylish.

platinum-blonde-hair-look-1 platinum-blonde-hair-look-2 platinum-blonde-hair-look-3 platinum-blonde-hair-look-4 platinum-blonde-hair-look-5 platinum-blonde-hair-look-10 platinum-blonde-hair-look-11 platinum-blonde-hair-look-12 platinum-blonde-hair-look-13

Rocking platinum blonde even though will probably get the correct frame of mind & tons of dedication: hydrate & situation our hair a Great deal much more, AND diverse makeup habits: eyebrow makeup, mascara, daring lips, contouring. I feel platinum hair requires muted makeup tones but powerful defined attributes. Believe Instagram filters.

Hair items for platinum blonde hair & makeup to match your bleached blonde new self down below:

So what do you believe girls, are we truly going back to the 80s platinum locks? And if so, do they search too fake, or do they really include just the proper quantity of sophistication and edginess to our fashion?

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