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Let’s Play Rainbow HAIR!


rainbow-hairTRendFor some of us, the pink, lavender, blue, green hair trend is just a fad we come across on our Social Media in excess of coffee. Who’s pink proper now? Who’s going blue or green? And do we like it or not. We could’t probably do this search  for work causes, lacking balls, or perhaps just  not-feeling-it-enough.

For the other half of us, the Rainbow Hair Trend is just like ripped jeans for instance. Been there accomplished that.

The question is, which half do you belong to? 
rainbow-hairTo make right now more entertaining, let’s perform a game. Assuming you want to colour your hair in a single f these crazy awesome shades, but something’s stopping you, let’s pretend you’re not a mortal for one month, but a VIP of your own selection (actress, model, rockstar, artist) and you merely can (cause really, why not?) or have to color your hair for a single total month. Which shade would you go for? 
blue-hair-look (3) urple-hair-look street-style-green-hair… … … I’m playing this game as effectively, as I’m component of the 1st group due to lacking balls. Buuuuut, had I a lot more courage I’d do it pink. Or possibly lavender. Even blue at some level. Never ever green however. Trigger I don’t think it’d go with my eyes and my complexion. BTW, how do we even know which shade would search far better, cause I may possibly like pink, but would pink like me? 
pink-hair-trend-2014 purple-hair-style-looksAnyway, I come to feel like in my my case at least this talk is purely hypothetical. Cause of the age factor, you know. Pink-hair-do not-care seems to me far more of a teenager, 20s kinda trend. Right up until I noticed Nicole Richie. Really like her. Adore her demonstrate, adore her style and adore her purple hair. And then I received to pondering that, yeah the crazy shade hair factor is a pretty quirky trend, but so were sneakers & skirts or sequins throughout the day a while in the past. At the end of the day it’s HOW you put on it, irrespective of age. 
blue-green-hair-trend green-hair-trend nicole-richie-purple-hairAnd if you can pull it off, pink hair can search fantastic for any event. So can any shade. It is just hair dye correct? Yes it’s a fashion & mood statement, but are we not bombarded all the time to come to feel free, to be creative, to fuck boundaries and reside fashion to its fullest?

Contrary to what I’ve at first believed a even though back when this trend initial appeared, it caught. It stuck with far more and a lot more followers  jumping onto the rainbow hair thing. I’m guessing even though it will not be lengthy until it dies, soooo we might contemplate taking a handful of notes from our faves celebrities and just colour our manes. Perhaps not entirely, just strands of hair, dip dye it…

Or possibly not. … … … Or perhaps YOLO! Let’s have a search.

blue-hair-look (2) blue-hair-look (4) blue-hair-look (5) blue-hair-look blue-hair-style-trend demi-lovato-blue-hair green-hair-style katy-perry-blue-hair light-pink-hair-trend pink-hair-style (2) pink-hair-style pink-hair-trend pink-lavender-hair-trend rainbow-hair-sreetstyle rita-ora-pink-hair 1Now it is your flip to share your thoughts.

If you had to pick a hair shade, which you you go for?

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