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How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions


How to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Are you a minor baffled when it comes to clipping in your hair extensions? Uncertain of in which each and every weft need to go? Worry not, we have a tiny guidebook prepared and waiting for you which shows you how to apply clip in hair extensions. You will have organic looking, luscious hair in no time! Hoorah!

As opposed to several other brands, our hair extensions wefts are numbered. This can make it super straightforward to fit your hair extensions as each and every weft is labelled with a amount from 1 to 7 These numbers coincide with the Dirty Seems fitting guide which arrives with your hair extensions. You may possibly also discover that our clips are created with silicone and have a rubber backing which helps stop the wefts from sliding out of your hair, as well. Safety 1st, proper!?

How to apply clip in hair extensions

So to apply your clip in hair extensions all you will require is a brush and a segment clip, possibly some hairspray and a backcombing brush as well!

Now you have your resources ready, let’s get this started out…

How to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

1st of all, brush by way of all of your hair with a paddle brush to get rid of any knots and tangles! You then need to have to area your hair at the nape of your neck and clip in weft variety a single near the hairline. Find the centre of the hair you have just sectioned and clip the middle clip of the weft into your hair, finish off by securing the left and right clip as well! Also, if you have shorter hair at the nape of your neck and locate that these make an look underneath your wefts, be sure to twist these and secure in area against your head with some bobby pins and clip your weft on best. This will assist your hair extensions seem significantly more seamless and natural.

How to apply clip in hair extensions

Following you’ll need to have to area your hair from the leading of your ear across to the other ear. For further hold you can back comb and hairspray your hair before fitting the wefts in spot – this is a super excellent trick for you gals with fine hair too! So, just like the previous step, find the centre, clip in the middle clip and finish securing the left and correct clips. Repeat the identical phase by sectioning the hair and applying wefts 3 and 4 over one particular yet another.

How to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Okay, so as soon as you have finished applying the wefts at the back of your hair, it’s time to clip in the wefts for the sides of your head. Part the hair at eye degree and clip in weft variety 5 and 7 on either side. Then segment the hair again above the wefts you have just applied and clip in wefts 6, 8, 9 and 8. Wefts 9 and 10 are not numbered and really do not have to be clipped in, they are like additional bonuses so if you want to use them you can, if not, that is amazing, too!

And that’s quite significantly it, gals! It is truly effortless to apply clip in hair extensions, isn’t it!? Now, do you want some hair extension tricks? Then verify out this website.

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