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Retro is scorching, retro is sexy and ultra-feminine. Retro influence is very sturdy in every factor be it fashion, hairstyle, makeup and even interior. The acceptance of retro types is rising, and no wonder why so several designers and labels include retro patterns in their collections. And once more we are talking about retro styles, mostly formal retro hairstyles for medium and prolonged hair. The following variety consists of some of the greatest retro hairstyles from 2014 hair trends.


There are numerous well-liked retro hairstyles from distinct decades since ’20s, 40’s, ’50s and ’60s. From ’20s to ’40s trendy haircut was quick or chin length blunt bob that was worn either straight or in Marcel waves. Ladies with lengthy hair utilised to wear faux bob and you too can get comparable retro look with out cutting hair.

Since ’40s and up to ’60s hair got longer with massive curls styled at the edges. Hairstyles received more volume and definition. The most popular up-do was bouffant with additional volume with or without hair accessory.

’70s were the beginning of hippie type that has grow to be the principal inspiration of modern day bohemian style in fashion. As you see, present day style and hair trends have quite frequent specifics from previous decades and you should investigate retro types in specifics.


If you have made a decision to develop retro hairstyle for your own you need to be ready to commit a lot more time. Retro hairstyle is much more polished and wants significantly work, high class styling resources and stronghold merchandise. Added volume, defined curls and twists are primary specifics of retro type. If you have no thought how to generate retro image, seem for video tutorials where styling is described stage by stage.

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