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Beyonce Vs Rihanna



Beyonce and Rihanna have had sooo many different hairstyles over the years it’s difficult to keep up. However we’ve combined some of their best, and very similar looks and are asking ourselves (and you gals) who wore it better, Queen Bey or Queen Rih?

They are two of the hottest female solo artists out right now, who else would we be talking about other than Beyonce and Rihanna? They are both fashionistas in their own right, with amazing musical talents and of course, ever changing hair!

Back in the day when Beyonce and Rihanna first hit our screens, their look was super similar. Both ladies gave off the ‘girl next door vibe’ with their bronde luscious locks and sweetheart smiles. Beyonce’;s hair was a caramel golden shade which she generally styled in flowing waves whereas Rihanna opted for super light brown hair with hints of blonde throughout, styled super sleek and chic. We love this look on both of them but we think Rih wins this round.


The style sisters then rocked super long mermaid hair (as we like to call it!). We are obviously big fans of long hair so we loved this look on them. Beyonce styled her bronde hair to perfection with effortless waves whereas Rihanna opted for super straight jet black hair. Both Bey and Rih looked ah-mazing with their mermaid hair, however we think this round has got to go to Queen Bey.


We love wavy hair, and by the looks of things, so do Beyonce and Rihanna. The two opt for this hairstyle quite a lot, and we can see why. Wavy hair can be worn casually or it can be glammed up so it is super versatile. Beyonce glammed her wavy hair up by bringing it all over to one side whereas Rihanna let her wavy locks flow. Beyonce rocked this hairstyle with her blonde ombre do’ and Rihanna opted for a super soft babylights look which we adored. Therefore this round is going to Queen Rih!


Beyonce and Rihanna have also given the pixie cut a whirl (not for the faint hearted). Beyonce took on this look last year whereas Rihanna tried it out a couple of years ago. Rihanna stuck to her jet black shade and Beyonce opted for a soft and subtle blonde shade. Both of them obviously pulled it off with their gorgeous faces but we can’t help but sway this round to Beyonce!


Wobs have made quite an appearance this year, lots of celebs are giving this hairstyle a go and we’re big fans of it too! Rihanna tried out this look a couple of years ago whereas Beyonce jumped on the bandwagon last year. Both ladies rocked this look with blonde hair which we adored but we love how Beyonce just went that little bit shorter which neatened up her hair do’ a little. So, this round goes to you, Beyonce!


Last but not least we have to take a look at how Beyonce and Rihanna do festival hair, and of course, it’s on fleek. At Coachella Beyonce opted for effortless waves with her luscious bronde locks whereas Rihanna opted for a vibrant auburn shade styled back with the help of some bobby pins. We’re pretty sure only Rihanna could get away with having numerous bobby pins on show and STILL manage to look sleek and chic! You go girrrl, this round goes to you, Rihanna!


We are big fans of Beyonce and Rihanna at DL and we can’;t wait to see many more hair transformations this year! Who’;s hair do you prefer, Queen Bey or Queen Rih’;s?

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