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Argan & Coconut Oil Hair Mask


You may have go through a small earlier that I experimented with the ‘no-poo’ technique for my hair. It did not perform. I am even now nursing my hair back to overall health! The other day I shared 4 methods to make your hair search healthier proper away and one of these techniques was a DIY hair mask. Of program you can get your own, but you can also possibly do it yourself in no time with products you presently have! So today I wished to share my recipe for a DIY hair mask.

I use the term recipe lightly simply because, well, you will see.

Easy two ingredient hair mask

2 ingredient hair mask

Yep, you noticed that correct, two ingredients. And you almost certainly presently have at least one of them. Coconut oil and Argan Oil
. Considering that I went to Morocco back in February I have been hearing about all the benefits for skin, nails and hair that Argan oil has. I had purchased some while I was there so I believed I necessary to test it out.

For this hair mask grab your coconut oil and you can acquire Argan Oil
 from amazon. It can be high-priced, but if you like creating your very own elegance goods, it’s excellent to have on hand. You can sub it for this cream and it is also non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores.

Here’s how it’s accomplished:

diy coconut oil hair mask

Now, I don’t have a stitch of makeup on in these photos, mainly why I’m semi-hiding behind my hair. All you do is include some coconut oil into a modest mixing bowl and combine it around with a fork or spoon right up until it’s softer. Then drizzle in the Argan oil until it is the consistency you want. Then, one area at a time, apply the mixture to your hair. I begin at the prime front part and function back then move to the sides. When you have saturated your hair, put it in a braid on prime of your head. This is just so that it is contained a minor. You can then leave it on above night, which is what I did the initial time all around, or just an hours or so. Then wash it out with shampoo and conditioner like normal. Both way, you will see final results!

Right here are the results following I did the at house hair mask the 1st time around.

after diy hair mask

It is difficult to consider a picture that does it justice, my hair was so soft!

A number of guidelines for undertaking this hair mask

  • If you have really dry hair you can apply all the way to the roots.
  • If you have naturally thin, fine hair, apply it just to the ends.
  • The longer you leave on the mask, the much better final results you will see!
  • You can use the Argan oil and coconut oil together or each individually, what ever you have acquired on hand!
  • When a month for fine-haired gals, twice a month of typical texture, and as often as as soon as a week for dry, damaged hair.
  • Also amazing for girls with curly hair!
  • You can also substitute Shea Butter for coconut oil.

That is it! Hope you have exciting with it!

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