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Wedding Nail Designs: Tasteful to Trendy!


Let’s see Your Rings! (And Your Nails!)

Your hands will be on constant display on the day you say “I do”, so while everyone is clamoring for a look at your gorgeous new rings, they’ll also be noticing whether your nails are as on-point as the rest of you.

Even if you choose the natural look for your big day, your hands should be flawlessly groomed. Whether you are a do-it-yourself polish girl or a pampered kitty who plans a spa day that includes a manicure the day before your wedding, it’s best to make your choices as soon as you’ve assembled your dress and accessories and chosen your colors.

Wedding Nail Designs: Traditional or Trendy?

Pastels and natural looks are expected wedding nail designs, and some brides opt for a low-maintenance approach of neatly filed and buffed nails for a subtle wedding nail design. This is an easy choice for the bride who chooses matching manicures for all of her attendants, but it’s not very glamorous or fun. Let’s see the modern bride’s choices!

The pink and white French manicure is traditional but is fast becoming outdated. For a subtly chic update go with nude neutrals instead. Not just for the demure bride, nude neutrals are on-trend, especially when you combine two tones of fleshy shades, or a matte with a glossy finish.

Accent nails are more popular than ever, and for wedding nail designs incorporating that single stand-out nail, try a sheer or jelly baby pink pastel and coordinate a glitter or metallic shade with your rings as your accent polish.

It’s possible to go overboard with accent nails and glitter so if you opt for something sparkly consider doing only an ombré or sheer sweep of glitter at the base of your nails, or a swirl up one side on top of the main shade. You’ll be rocking a trend that says “modern glamour girl”.

If you enjoy a bit of whimsy and daring you might choose to polish your nails in one of the deep blue metallic shades that have been wildly popular lately, as that “something blue” that really pops against a white dress. This shade is especially gorgeous if you’ve chosen a sapphire ring.

Finally, length and shape are a personal choice but the consensus is that rounded nails are prettiest, and top manicurists consistently chose short, round nail shapes on the fashion runways this year. This is another easy choice for most women and a good one for coordinating bridal parties.

Depending on how adventurous you are, these choices can dial the sophistication up a notch but are still in keeping with the occasion. Your personal style is always your best guide but with these modern ideas to guide you your hands will look your best when everyone asks to see them.

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