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How to find a simple wedding dress in a few easy steps


How to find a simple wedding dress in a few easy steps

It can be quite easy to find a simple wedding dress that will fit your frame. You just have to know what to look for. Here are some simple thoughts and ideas to keep in mind

Finding a simple wedding dress: Your body type

If you are petite, you need something that will flatter your frame. Never go for something big and baggy. This is probably not the look you were going for anyway, but you never know. Wear something small. It needs to fit your frame better. You are looking to accentuate your form, not take away from it.

Horizontal forms will not look good on any woman, no matter how big or small you are. What you want is something vertical. A vertical design will give elongate your form. It will make your legs look longer. It will make you look more petite. A horizontal design will make you look short and stumpy. This is not good for those who are already short to begin with. This is why the vertical pattern will be better. The vertical pattern is there to flatter a shorter frame.

A petite bride needs simple. Never go for something complex and overstated. The more overstated you make the dress, the worse it’s going to look. Less is more. You also need to go with an empire waistline. This will give the illusion that you have longer legs. This is especially important for the petite brides.

If you go for the dropped-waistline or mermaid look, look for something more slim. Go with the slim or form-fitting design. The wider ones will make you poof out. It will make things look wider than they really are. Most women don’t go out of their way to advertise how wide they actually are. Your wedding dress shouldn’t do this either.

Some other helpful tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

Always have a rough idea in mind before you go. Don’t go in without an agenda. There have been many brides who have done this. These situations have all ended badly. Know what you want and how to get it. You also need to shop early, but not too early. Start looking for your wedding dress as soon as the date is set. You will need the extra time; especially, if you are looking to have it custom-made. The custom-made option brings us to the next point.

If you are going the custom-made route, you will need at least 6-8 months planning. This is time frame is of the minimum. If you can get more than 8 months, go for it. The only reason for this is so you avoid the rush fees. Some places will charge extra for a “rushed job.”

To avoid the rush, do the shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas; in other words, do it before New Years. This is usually when the rush begins. You also need to have your budget set. Do this before you go. Know what you can afford and what you can not.

Bridal shop personnel are paid to get you to “change your mind.” They are also paid to help you “spend money.” Know this going in. Be clear with everyone about how much you are willing to spend. Set some money aside for alterations, if need be. Always set an appropriate amount of time for fittings. Be very clear on your boundaries in the beginning. Stand firm and know what you want.

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