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Winter Skin Savior : Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream


This is a sponsored post written for Neutrogena. I was compensated and provided complimentary products for this post. All opinions are my own.

I don’t like winter. I really don’t! I don’t know about you, but those endless grey and snowy days often make me feel crappy. It’s also the season when dry, parched skin makes its way full-force back into my beauty woes list. I have naturally dry skin which is hard enough to deal with anyways, but the Sahara Desert situation I have to deal with every winter is such a doozy. Chapped lips, rough hands, skin that’s begging for an extra dose of moisture — you know those winter beauty bummers!

Yes, wicked winter has always been hard for my dry skin but my hands (and especially my cuticles!) usually suffer the most, thanks to the frequent hand washing that becomes necessary in this nasty cold and flu season….and also because I often forget to wear gloves while outdoors (I really need to make it a habit!) So I need a moisturizer that can go the extra mile, even through freezing temperatures, to keep my hands comfortably smooth & soft! That’s where Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream comes to the rescue!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula is the best drugstore hand cream for dry hands!

Clinically tested to help heal dry skin, Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream is formulated to provide lasting relief even for the extremely dry, chapped hands. In fact, it was originally developed in Norway for Arctic fishermen who needed to protect their hands from some of the coldest, harshest weather on earth. The glycerin-rich, highly concentrated formula shields the skin as it helps restore and repair its natural moisture barrier to keep hands, and especially cuticles, softer and smoother, longer.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula is the best drugstore hand cream for dry hands!

I am quite fussy when it comes to hand creams: it must absorb super quickly, leave no greasy or sticky residue (so I can get right back to typing or whatever I have been doing) and smell nice yet not overpowering. Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream accommodates all of my demands and actually goes a step further by locking in moisture and help my dry hands recover from the winter weather abuse!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula is the best drugstore hand cream for dry hands!

The formula packs a seriously hydrating punch when it comes to healing winter-worn skin, and the light scent makes it smell fresh and clean—nothing over-bearing about it! And just a little goes a long way to soothe dry skin. Now that the winter chill has settled in, I have a tube of this hand cream at my desk, the bathroom sink, and in my purse to make sure I always have it handy!

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help your hands, try Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream…it might just become your winter skincare staple! It’s easily available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide for only $ 4.99/2.0 oz.

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