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Win it! Natural Beauty Giveaway ($570+ value)


Here’s your chance to win a fantastic bundle of beauty and luxury skincare products worth $ 577! This exclusive giveaway includes an amazing mix of anti-aging serums, haircare and all-natural products plus a beautiful fragrance set with perfumed bracelets. Here’s what up for grabs…

Natural beauty giveaway

Healing Saint Luminosity Skin Serum ($ 145) – Developed by renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Jane Cases, this serum uses the power of wound healing technology to boost the skin’s natural repair process. Using a proprietary polypeptide formula of several natural growth factors, proteins and botanical extracts, the Luminosity Skin Serum gently and effectively stimulates healing, reduces fine lines, fades age spots and minimizes uneven skin tone.

Healing Saint Hair Follicle Stimulant ($ 48) – This proprietary formula derived from polypeptide-enriched media and wound healing technology replenishes the essential growth factors and cytokines in the hair follicle, stimulates growth, thickens hair roots, reduces premature breakage and helps prevent further hair loss.

Arts & Scents ($ 195) – A unique joy set with joining perfumed bracelets, exclusive fragrance in a special edition bottle and a perfume oil roll-on.

Purabela Crème Deodorant ($ 11.50) – Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, this deodorant infused with the finest essential oils from trusted and sustainable distillers  is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, perfumes and dyes. It will not clog your pores with any of the so-called “protective barriers” used in traditional deodorant sticks.

Rejuvel 3D Microgravity Cell Renewal Cream ($ 149) – Rejuvel is a 3 dimensional facial repair cream using exclusive licensed NASA patented technology that helps to reduce the signs of aging at the molecular level.

Ruma Organics Made with 100% all-natural ingredients and vegan. Includes Bella Bella Face Polish ($ 22) and Dead Sea Mud Handcrafted Soap ($ 7)
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The giveaway is open for US residents only and ends 6/23/15. Good luck!

Disclosure : Prize package provided and fulfilled by Healing Saint. 

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