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Trending Heels Which Should be Part of Your Closet


Its no secret that each pair of a woman’s endless shoe collection is specially selected to go with a certain outfit for a specific occasion….well maybe not always. However, as hard as it may be to believe, most women are actually very meticulous when it comes to purchasing footwear and some go as far as even categorizing the shoes that they have in their closet to know which pairs are already owned, and which are still missing from their collection. Think of the closet as a giant trophy case filled with every imaginable species of shoe known to man, yet its that one rare specimen that seems to have been eluding her for years that keeps her on the hunt for just one more pair.



For some women its the thrill of the hunt, which some call a shopping high, associated with the wonders of chemicals released as a woman becomes lost in a magical world where she feels the endless possibilities of outfits, moments and events that can take place all as shes wearing this beautiful dress or this pair of stylish heels. For just that brief moment in time, she can get anything she wants and can have everything absolutely her way, just like she likes


The fall season brings with it a ton of fashion possibilities that can keep you warm, stylish and comfortable at the same time. When choosing the right boots, burgundy is defiantly THE it color of the season. Accepted by almost every designer in the fashion scene, a pair of suede burgundy short boots can really be a versatile piece for your closet. Combined with a short heel, a boot such as this can really take you a long way as far as comfort and style.


image (1)



 Known as the center piece of every modern day fashionista (and the shelf that probably takes up the most room in her trophy case)  4 inch heels are a must, there are no if’s, and’s, or buts, about that. Due to their style and versatility, a comfortable 4 inch heel can take a girl many places. They are the perfect choice for any woman to wear as a daily shoe both to and from work. It does not matter weather you are a sophisticated business woman, mom, student, whoever. Classic pumps have always and will always be in style and many designers have capitalized on creating fashionable, modern heels using the latest colors but still maintaining the classic, pointed-toe heritage. Such design can be seen here in this beautiful orange pump with a designers touch and ombre color transition. It really is the best of both worlds, a classic heel in latest fashion.






The next shelf in the case is reserved for special occasions and lasting impressions. When stepping up to a heel of 5 inches, a woman begins to shine brighter, look taller and slimmer. Some say a womans confidence is often reflected in her choice of footwear and I believe this has never been more true than about heel h7 A few pairs of 5 inch heels should be part of every woman’s collection, even if she wears them only a few times a year. Combined with an evening or cocktail dress these heels can be worn for formal occasions, dinners and interviews with employers. Such models express neatness, seriousness, self-restraint, self-discipline about a woman and are ideal characteristics of a potential employee.


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The most fashionable corner in a woman’s trophy case contains heels that are mostly anything but practical. Don’t get me wrong, there is a high degree of skill and creativity that goes into both designing and wearing such amazing heels. The branded term “Killer Heels” refers to any heel over 6 inches which can sometimes be both scary and even dangerous to wear. These shoes are very popular with celebrities, models and have appeared on numerous catwalks in recent years. Platform heels are especially loved by designers like as Christian Loubutin who favors to express his unique style on such models. Women who love such heels are usually the life of the party and when it comes to being most fashionable they are the ones who take the best in show.

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