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Top 10 Vintage Hairstyles Inspired by Brigitte Bardot


As one of the most remarkable people of the past century, Brigitte Bardot simply knew how to steal glances, hearts and attention. The French actress was impossible to forget – her beauty, style and hairstyles, just as much as her acting career will never be forgot8. They all made her as one of the greatest icons in the film industry ever. In this article we are focusing on her hairstyle. Brigitte Bardot is famous for her beautiful, long and blonde hair with bangs. She made the twist and the beehive hairdo popular. Below you will find 10 tutorials of vintage hairstyles inspired by this gorgeous, now retired actress. Read it and get inspired!

1. Beehive Hairdo 

Beehive Hairdovia

The 50’s and 60’s were all about teasing hair, and Brigitte Bardot was no exception to this hairstyle trend. She made the beehive hairdo popular. It looked so good on her with the long hair and bangs. Just as much as she did, you can also look good with this hairstyle as well. All you have to do is just curl it a bit, tease it at the crown, gather few hair strands to the back at secure them with a clip.

2. Pigtails


Brigitte Bardot was often seen having her hair in pigtails. But, what really made this usual, – nothing spectular – hairstyle into an adorable one is the fact that she always used ribbons for hair ties. She was making bows out of them and that’s what made everything look so much adorable. It’s really cool when you make something adorable out of something so simple, isn’t it?

3. French Twist

French Twistvia

We can thank Bardot for showing how elegant and sexy this hairstyle is. She is really the one who made it that much popular back then, and even now it’s impossible not to think of this beautiful actress when it’s about the French Twist. It’s easy to make it, however, if you are not experienced with doing your own hairstyles, you might find it difficult and the beginning. But, don’t give up because the result will be soo worth it!

4. Headband Hair

Headband Hairvia

Just another hairstyle that we remember Brigitte Bardot for. The headband hairstyle got popular in the early 60’s, but we can gladly say that even now it’s adorable to have this iconic hairstyle. Again, it’s all about teasing the hair. If your hair doesn’t hold the volume very well, you can use bumpits in your hair color. After teasing the crown, you can curl your hair at the bottom, but leaving it straight will look good as well.

5. Half Up Ponytail

Half Up Ponytailvia

Similar to this year’s trend, back in the old Hollywood days, having a half up ponytail was also a popular trend. It was one of the most favorite hairstyles of many women, but thanks to Brigitte Bardot, it looked even more special with a bow as a hair tie. Just pull your upper hair sections at the back, tie them and make a half up ponytail. Tie a bow around it and you are ready to go!

6. Curly Half Up Ponytail

Brigitte Bardot Holiday Inspired Hairvia

This is one is the same as the previous, but the difference is that here the hair is curly. Choose which one you prefer more and go after that option. The good thing about this one is that it will give your hair more toned curls, and this is good especially if your hair is neither straight or curly. However, no matter what you choose, the main point is – don’t leave out the bow.

7. Half Up Bouffant 

Half Up Bouffantvia

Teasing, teasing! The ladies back in those days really liked their hairstyles teased and we for sure cannot blame them, because it looks awesome. Most often, the pictures on the Internet we see with Brigitte Bardot is her having the teased, half – up bouffant. It’s quite similar to the hairstyles previously mentioned. Check out the link for detailed instructions.

8. Messy Hair a la Bardot 

Messy Hair a la Bardotvia

Brigitte was rarely seen with tight hairstyles, in fact, most of the times her hair was a bit messy, but the chic type of “messy“. It is impossible not be at least a little bit of jealous of her beautiful hair,especially when she wears it all down and free. She used to tease it even when worn down, so check out the link how to have your hair messy a la Bardot style.

9. Half Updo

Half Updo


This hairstyle is just a little bit different than the other half ups on the list, but it’s always the little details and differences that matter. One of the differences is how the hair is pulled back and the curliness behind. You should really try this one out, because even though is vintage inspired, it has more of the 21 century charm. Plus, it’s easy to have it in no time!

10. The Updo 

Brigitte Bardot Updovia

And last on the list, and of course not least, is the very famous updo. As expected, Brigitte wears this hairstyle even today. There’s something really charming about this hairstyle and it’s no wonder why many brides want it for their wedding, and why at the same time it’s so great for a casual day. It will take you minutes to make it, and a whole day to admire yourself!

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