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Top 10 Super Easy Scarf Hairstyles for Every Hair Length


Scarf hairstyles can be anything you want them to be – retro, elegant, chic or simple, it’s really up you. If you think that doing a scarf hairstyle it’s difficult, then we have good news for you: it really isn’t! We picked 10 hairstyles for each hair length and they all come with tutorial as well. So, no matter if you have the most gorgeous Rapunzel hair length, or a chic pixie cut as Twiggy, we got it all covered. Some of the hairstyles below will take more time than others, but the more effort you put it, the more satisfaction you’ll have when you see yourself in the mirror with the most gorgeous scarf hairstyle that you did it with your own hands!

1. Retro Scarf Hairstyle

Retro Scarf Hairstylevia

The first one is the easiest of all hairstyles for medium to long hair length. All you need is a scarf, hairspray and teasing comb. Just tease your hair at the crown, tie the scarf under the back of the hair and you’re done. If you want to make this hairstyle even prettier, you can also curl your hair a bit. Not only this retro hairstyle is easy, but is also a great way to hide grown out roots. Lazy hair days or busy days will never have to look so dull with this adorable hairstyle.


2. Scarf Braid

Scarf Braidvia

This is a very cute way to upgrade the regular French braid. The instructions are all the same, except that now you braid along with a sheer scarf, cut down to a 6 – 8 inch strip. Take a medium – sized hair section from the top of the head and pull it back. Separate it in 3 sections and start your French braiding. When you have no more remaining hair to continue the French braid, go on with regular 3 – strand braid and secure it with elastic. Tie the remaining scarf tails around the elastic in order to hide it.

3. Boho Scarf Updo

Boho Scarf Updovia

This hairstyle is a great way to refresh your hair routine! With a scarf, any boho hairstyle would look more charming than it already was. First leave out few hair sections from the front, place the scarf around your hair and make a low ponytail, of which right after make a low bun. Twist the left hair sections and tuck them into the scarf. You can loose the hairstyle a bit to achieve a better boho look.

4. Scarf Bun

Scarf Bunvia

Another super easy scarf hairstyle. All you have to do is just do your favorite kind of hairstyle and tie a scarf around as bow. As pictured, buns go really adorable with bows, so if that’s what you want, go ahead and make a bun! But, you can come up with updo, braid, ponytail… It’s all up you!

5. Side Swept Flat Twist Out with Scarf

Side Swept Flat Twist Out with Scarfvia

Doesn’t it just look amazing? This one will surely look good on you if you have very curly hair, or voluminous. Separate your hair in two sections and tie the scarf around to make the parting look right. It will literally take you few minutes to have this hairstyle. Cute, simple and easy – just like we need it during busy days!

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